"When a patient has a headache, it is a signal of the existence of failures in the work of the internal organs which need to be identified. This became possible when I’ve started utilizing Express Diagnostic in my practice. This method makes it possible to determine the functional status of each organ and to identify patient’s problem areas in a short period of time (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes).”

In my experience, it seems surprising that even people with great experience having headaches, state that they exhausted all means of treating headaches, and the words "all means" typically refer to a large arsenal of analgesics.

Meanwhile, there are excellent methods, which have proven to be quite effective in the treatment of headaches. One such method, widely used in my practice, is homeopathy and it is one of the most effective and at the same time most harmless methods.

Why homeopathy?
Firstly, my in-depth knowledge of this method allows me to find a "starting point" of your illness and its causes, to understand the mental and physical features that characterize your body and to determine your main modality - which causes deteriorations and improvements, responses to heat and cold, etc.

Secondly, homeopathy treats not the symptoms of a disease but its causes and helps the body itself to cope with the disease, thus, this treatment does not cause side effects or allergic reactions. It is in homeopathy that the basic principle of medicine is fully implemented - to treat a patient rather than a disease.

My main goal is to find the closest match between the patient and a homeopathic remedy. By asking a lot of questions during a conversation with you, I'm collecting information to understand the disease to the fullest possible extent. In homeopathy, there are no universal tools - each headache is treated individually.

Homeopathy treatment is very well complemented by Bioresonance.
This method was brought by me from Germany, where it was developed more than 20 years ago and now it is widely used in many countries.
Bioresonance is the most advanced method of using body’s own electromagnetic signals, contributing to the restoration of protective regulatory capacities of the body and rapid recovery.
Natural oscillations of the patient are recorded from the skin surface with special electrodes and transmitted to the device where they are amplified and returned to the human body.

All methods used in my practice have a very high efficiency rating and are suitable for everyone, without exception.

Hilda Spektor, ND


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POWER+ remedies are developed with care by Hilda Spektor (ND) to offer
a complete solution for holistic health and wellness.

Graduated from Clayton college as Naturopathy Doctor. Major in Homeopathy.
MS in biology and chemistry.