Hazard warning symbols and signs have a significant role in ensuring safety of a society. It is the hazard warning signs that help you to be careful and adopt all precautionary measures while approaching a dangerous area. Even when there is fire these signs help you to practice caution and get a safe exit from the risky place. The hazard signs are enforced by Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) with an intention to maintain the safety and security of a place.

Why do we need hazard warning symbols?

Certain areas and containers can be hazardous to our health and to identify and make people aware of them, various hazard warning symbols and signs are used. Usually the hazard signs come with striking symbols so that people can recognize them easily and take precautions to avoid hazardous situation. Such hazard signs are uniform which come in different colours for identifying a specific hazard.

Hazard warning symbols warn us about potentially dangerous places and provide us information and guidelines on what to do in such emergency situations.

The buildings and premises where lot of people assemble and work, the safety signs are legal requirements. Certain areas which are considered danger zones require hazard signs to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

You can find various hazard warning symbols depending on the use. A very common such sign is skull and crossbones indicating lethal hazards and found on the containers with fatal contents or in places of high danger. In places where there is danger of radiation the symbol of blades of a black fan with yellow background is used. As an indicator of biochemical hazards a sign of three interwoven arcs with a bell shape in the middle is used. The place of high voltage which is a high risky zone is specified with a lightning bolt or a staggered exclamation point. A hazard or danger from falling debris or slippery pavement is identified by a hazard warning sign which is a simple exclamation point inside a triangle.

Some other examples of hazard warning signs are chemical hazard warning signs, electrical hazard warning signs or construction safety signs. The hazard signs for chemical hazards are used in the places and on containers which may cause health risks, flammability, reactivity and various other hazards. Whereas, the electrical hazard warning signs are common in places having danger from electrical sources.

Hazard warning symbols play a very significant role in our daily lives and are used in various places. But the most important thing regarding such signs is they should be placed in the locations where they are easily noticed and they are relevant to business. Hazard warning symbols play a vital role in reducing the occurrence of accidents or injuries. They also provide information on what to do during an emergency and unfortunate event. Hazard signs and symbols are a necessity and their contribution to making the environment a safer place cannot be ignored.

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Terry G is a health and safety coach who has been training people about the need of maintaining hazard signs at the workplace and at home as well. He has written many articles on various hazard warning symbols and signs and the importance of using them.