The answer here should be, why should one not have digital marketing. The one human factor not hurdled by time and space is ‘growth’, and ever since digital marketing first dawned in the 1990’s, it has not looked back which only adds to how it is helping the human race in the field of business and marketing. We generally know digital marketing as the marketing of goods and services online through digital technologies with the use of internet but it is more to it than just that.
Unless you choose to live alone in a marooned island which is next to impossible provided there are only about 2000 ocean islands to the 7 billion people, it is best to keep up pace and be a part of the society. Just existing for the sake of living is way too basic, to live means to experience the thrill and be a part of the race. Digital marketing with its speedy growth lets you experience one such and provided the so many competitors, there can be this fear of not being able to cope up with, but doesn’t mean one should desert the match midway. And to be in existence with the remaining competitors means to implement strategies that will help survive in the competitive sphere.
By the 2000’s many new devices started coming out that had the capacity to have access to the digital media at almost any given time, at any given place. Since then, customers started thronging the digital market because when you have search engines like Google that connects you globally to any goods, services or ideas that you want at any time, it can be expected that customers will continue being a part of digital marketing. Customers take advantage of the search engines and social media to find what they want to which digital marketers turn it to a strategy to help both the parties grow.
With an estimate of 93% being influenced by social media implementing digital marketing tactics like social media, blogging, SEO, SEM’s is/will be a huge addition to the marketer’s growth. Cars have head-lights, streets have road signs, digital marketing has trackers through their data servers that helps keep track of what the customer looked for, what is most searched and for how long which all adds to digital marketing’s instantaneous results with less worry of investing money in the more traditional marketing because when you have a source of connecting with the customers, it is without doubt that no one would be irrational enough to invest in something which one is unsure of.
Also the many types of digital marketing only adds to the different means of connecting with the audience which is and has been the primary goal of all marketers. In the beginning we talked of how digital marketing is not only about the selling of goods and services, that is so because when you start a digital marketing it means you are putting forth your trust to the consumers and the vice versa through which the bond is build.
There would be an unending reasons as to why one should be a part of digital marketing, the clear-cut answer to this will be; when you have a value that is so much cheaper with faster, clearer results, it cannot be doubted that one would just take the platter that is offered on the table. One don’t abandon the ship just to walk your way through the same location on foot to the vast land of uncertainty.

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