Many people are into the “do-it-yourself” project phase to save money but there are times when you should not attempt doing a project, especially if it has anything to do with electricity. For anything relating to electricity, you should hire a professional electrician to do the work for a variety of reasons. Yes, hiring a profession electrician can be expensive but in the end, it will ensure your safety and the electrical work will be done correctly and according to your state’s regulations and codes.

Must be licensed to do electrical work

Yes, you can buy electrical tools and accessories but they have to be used by a licensed electrician. Electrical services involve testing, repairing, maintaining, modifying, removing, or replacing electrical equipment. It can range from installing a new power outlet to fixing an appliance. Check with your state to see what electrical projects a homeowner can do and what projects requires a licensed electrician.

Electrical work is dangerous

If you are not a licensed electrician you run the risk of:

• Electrocution—you could receive a literal jolt of electricity if you are not doing the job correctly. In the worst case scenario, you could have nerve damage, deep burns, and possible ventricular fibrillation.
• Fire—if you accidently improperly wire an outlet or put in the wrong fuse you could start an electrical fire. With an electrical fire, you cannot use water to put them out. Water will only cause the flames to spread so this type of fire could have destructive powers.
• Financial loss—being an unlicensed electrician and doing electrical work is illegal so you could face penalties up to one hundred thousand dollars. If you work for a company and are doing illegal electrical work the company could be fined up to five hundred thousand dollars. It all depends on your state. You could also face two years in prison. If your illegal electrical work caused deaths the penalties could be larger along with longer prison time.

Professional electricians are more accurate

Being licensed they know what they are doing so they can do the job more accurately and in a more timely manner. You know that when the job is finished it will be done correctly.

Costs less at the end

Yes, it can cost more to hire a professional, licensed electrician but if you do it yourself and mess up then it could cost a lot more if you have to hire an electrician to finish the job or correct your mistakes. You would have the costs of the materials you used to try to do the job and then added costs of hiring someone licensed to do the job so you have double the expense.

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