Have you ever felt that a particular number proves to be your problem solver every time? Did you develop any kind of favoritism for a certain number that happens to remove all the obstacles of your path? This might be due to the mystical nature of numbers.

We are surrounded by numbers and deal with them on a daily basis but only some numbers catch our attention like no other. For instance, a distant relative of mine had a legal dispute of ancestral property that had been carried on since generations.

But this particular man felt that whenever he had a hearing on a date that had number 5 with it, then the hearing inexplicably favored him. He believed that this number would help him win the case and took the leap of faith. He tried to have all his hearings related to the case on dates like 5, 14 and 23 and in just a few months, he won the case.

You may call it luck by chance but since then that relative considered this number to be his lucky mascot and held all his important business meetings on the dates that summed up to number 5 and he actually attained success and prosperity.

What Exactly is Numerology?

In simple words, numerology is a study of numbers and the various ways in which these numbers can have a lasting effect on the life of people. Numerologists believe that each and every number carries certain vibrations that may prove to be beneficial for people who are related to it.

Long ago, when these numbers were created each one of them was found to have some properties that contributed to its impact on life. And later, this information was passed on as per the oral tradition from generation to generation. If you really want to know more about this strange nature of numbers then you can download any free numerology app and get the information you want from an expert numerologist.

Why Is Numerology Considered A Pseudoscience In Today’s World?

It is believed that only that subject would be considered a science that can provide facts that are supported by scientific evidence. All the other disciplines that may prove true and effective in real life but have no scientific proof to support their theory would be referred to as pseudosciences.

Unfortunately, due to lack of scientific evidence, numerology has also passed on to the category of pseudoscience. Not many people believe that numbers can bring a change in their life and help them overcome the difficulties of life.

It is said that numbers are present everywhere - be it a date, a marksheet or an electricity bill. There can be no number that can change the phase of an individual’s life. They think that if you look for a certain number believing it to be lucky for you then you will find it everywhere but instead of that particular number, you start looking for another number then you will also find it everywhere, so what is the difference between both the numbers?

What they do not know is that each number holds a certain form of energy that can have a direct impact on the success or failure of an individual. You only need the right person who actually knows the intricacies of numerology and will tell you about it in detail. For that matter you can download a numerology app and have your queries answered.

The theories that propagate around it are not validated by scientific evidence but the research is still going on to prove the factual accuracy of numerology. It is highly likely that with constant research, a scientific proof will soon be prepared for its defence.

But the main point to ponder over is that if people do not believe in the power of numbers then why is it that not many huge buildings intentionally skip number 13 while numbering their floors? Why is it that after number 12 they choose to name the floor as 14th if they are so very sure that numbers have no powers at all?

This proves that though people claim that numerology is not reliable they choose to follow the beliefs associated with numbers. This is why till date the number 7 is considered a spiritual number and number 13 is associated with negativity.

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