The term heartbreak may actually hold some validity to it. The anterior cingulate cortex is the part of the brain that processes the feeling of pain, and it also perceives emotional distress in the same way it does physical pain.

Being dumped by a lover or even a crush can cause suffering, and it’s never pleasant for anybody.

More often than not, when our love lives don’t pan out the way we expect them to, we find ourselves feeling crushed. The person that we wanted to make us feel beautiful, cherished, and wonderful isn’t there anymore, and that sting of rejection burns us.

A lot of the time, we don't realize that in love, we’re recreating emotional trauma that we sustained from the relationships we formed with our parents as children. An absent father, for example, will have us chasing an emotionally unavailable man because we’re still searching for that approval we never got from our dads.

We continually want people to accept us and make us feel worthy as individuals. When we give away our power in love, that’s when we feel hurt, and many of us do not know how to cope with those sentiments of a relationship not working out.

It's All About the Self-Esteem

Most of us do not realize that feeling admired, sexy, and that sense of being "complete" is already within us without a partner. It’s essential to know who you are so you can love yourself unconditionally. The relationship we have with ourselves sets the tone in the way others treat us.

When we know our strengths, weaknesses, curiosities, passions, and turn-offs, we’re in a better position to have higher levels of self-esteem. When you become a high-value person, it won't matter who’s left standing next to you, because you’ll be okay by yourself regardless.

If we feel sexy, happy, and complete on our own, no one outside of us will cause us any emotional damage, because our validation and not theirs will sustain us. Eating healthy, exercising, having hobbies and interests are all ways of building a better self-image.

In addition to the physical attributes of self, spiritual development is part of the growing process as well. Wherever we are in our soul's evolution, it’s okay to seek a little assistance. Sometimes we ask for a little cosmic help by getting our tarot cards read or study our natal charts to understand better who we are.

Besides astrology and cards, another way to get a little new-age support is by consulting a psychic to help us see the parts of ourselves that we may have overlooked on our soul's journey - especially when it comes to choosing our romantic counterparts.

3 Final Tips to Find the Right Psychic

Finding a psychic is a bit different than picking up items at the grocery store. First and foremost, there are a lot of scammers out there that prey on the vulnerable, so be cautious from the get-go. People that are desperate for any relief from their distress, from heartache, especially, are the most likely to fall victim and be ripped off.

Secondly, when looking for a psychic reading, be sure to find out if their clairvoyance is legit.
Word of mouth is one way to know if the person advising and guiding you is the real deal. Also, checking them out online through reviews wouldn’t hurt to know what their clients think about them.

Thirdly, find a location that works best for you. Some psychics open their homes for readings, but not all of us have people with ESP around the corner. With technology, it is now possible to get an online psychic reading -even one that sheds light on our sex life.

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Torsi is a professional blogger.