Erectile dysfunction refers to problem of not being able to rise to the occasion and perform sexual functions. The man may have the desire for sex and even have access to an attractive sex partner yet the penis may not be able to perform sexual intercourse. There are many factors that may lead to this problem; some of the causes may be medical conditions that require surgery. Erectile dysfunction is also common among older men (aged above 50 years). Diabetes is one of the medical problems that may lead to erectile dysfunction.

The reasons are not clear why men with diabetes are risk-prone towards erectile impotence. We do know men with diabetes are unable to control their diabetes properly developing erectile impotence. Lacking control of diabetes well, the result is the damages to nerves and the circulation. This circulation controls blood flow into the male organ. If you can keep the blood glucose level normal, you may reduce the problems proportionately.

Diabetes could be to blame for a declining and unsatisfactory sex life, equating to erectile dysfunction. If you have diabetes, high blood sugar (that needs to be maintained carefully if you're diabetic) causes nerve and blood vessel damage that can be painful. This affects many processes in the body -- sexual response being one of them. Damage to blood vessels inhibits the release of nitric oxide; a lack of nitric oxide results in constricted blood vessels which restricts blood flow to the penis.

Diabetes, on the other hand, affects the body organs by affecting the sensitivity of the nervous system. This is how it affects the erection of a man. As already mentioned, the communication between the common senses such as sight and touch would be channeled through the spinal cord to the brain. The brain part that processes the information on sexual activity would then send back information to the organs such as the heart to pump faster and supply the muscles in the penis with extra amounts of blood. Hormones such as adrenaline will also be released into the cells that make up the muscles around the penis and cause a release of extra energy.

Many chronic diseases can cause anxiety, which can result in erectile dysfunction. But, more diabetics report sexual dysfunction than populations at large. Research indicates 38 percent of diabetic men have been reported to experience impotency problems. Additionally, many physical problems are compounded by the emotional reaction that is experienced.

Men with diabetes can experience major depression and anxiety disorders, which can lead to or compound impotency frustrations. Learning to cope with a chronic disease that attacks lifestyles and diminished sexual performances, in relationships, is difficult. This, in turn, can snowball into complications, and allow the problem begins to feed on itself. Sex, in itself, is a complicated process. A frank discussion with a trusted physician should be a top priority.

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