Why Does My Ex Compliment Me? My Ex Keeps Giving Me Compliments

It is very difficult to know what goes on in anyone's mind, but one can get some clues from their actions when one interacts. If your ex is complimenting you it could mean a variety of things. Read on to find out more:

Is your ex trying to make up to you
If it was your ex who initiated the break up then there are chances that they regret their decision and want to renew their friendship with you. They know that what they did to you was wrong and want to make up to you by being nice with a hope that one day you will take them back.

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Is there a new found attraction
If you find your ex complimenting you a lot, they may have developed new found attraction towards you and strongly desire to get back with you. They keep complimenting you to make you feel good as they very much want to be part of your life again.

Your ex likes everything about you
They keep telling how well you look, they compliment you on the things you do and the way you dress; it shows their keen interest in you. If they liked certain things about you in the past, they want to know if you still do them, all this show that they want you back.

They appreciate your company
Your ex tells you that you are a great company and that the happiest moments they have spent is when they are with you; your ex still has feelings for you and wishes to get you back in your life.

Maybe they want to remain just friends
Maybe they still care about you a lot and want to remain friends. You have to look at things from their perspective, if they have made it clear through their actions that they are over you but still want to maintain a friendly relation. In such a situation it is okay for you to move forward, there are many guys/girls out there for you. Do not get confused by the compliments if they have made their intentions clear.

Are they being polite
Sometimes people compliment just to be nice or to get what they want. You have to be discerning and perceptive enough to know what it actually means and just thank them and move on.

Keep your distance if you are being taken for a ride
Sometimes your ex may compliment you excessively to get into bed with you. You had a great chemistry while it lasted but you cannot let them take advantage if they want nothing more than bedding you.

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If you have an ex that keeps making you chase them, it can be hard to make them want you back. The more you chase them, the more they are going to take advantage of you. Here are some quick and successful tips that are going to have them asking you to come back to them in no time at all.

Give Them Space
This can be hard, but if you are tired if always having to chase them, this si going to be a rather easy thing to do. Stay away from them and if they start asking you to come back around, make them see that you aren't doing it anymore.

Stop Being at Their Feet
Quit chasing them. If they want you back they will tell you. One sure fire way to get them to start chasing you is to stop chasing them. They are going to wonder what's going on and begin coming after you.

Be Involved in Your Own Life
Find new friends or just start hanging out with current friends more often. The less available you are to your ex, the more it will drive them nuts and to them asking you why you are never around anymore.

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Stop Trying to Please Them
The more you aim to try to bend over backwards to please your ex, the more they are going to ask from you. By stopping everything and not devoting so much time to them, they are going to ask where you are and why you are not doing things for them anymore.

Give Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine
Show them what it's like to have to chase someone around. Stop talking to them, stop following them around, stop doing things for them and see how they like it. Because they are used to you chasing them, they are going to ask why you've stopped.

Show Them You Aren't Waiting Anymore
By moving on with your life, your ex will see that you re not dealing with their crap anymore. This will show them that you are over them, even thought you may not be, and they are going to start coming after you.

Become Friends
Take things down a level and just be friends with them. The more you are friends with them, the more your ex is going to realize what he lost. This is going to make them try to get you back before someone else snags you.

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Breaking up is hard to do, and if you are in the boat as far as trying to get your ex back, you aren't alone. Take these tips and apply them too get your love back again.

Stay in Shape Physically
The more in shape your ex sees you, the more they are going to want you. Make sure you find ways for it to be noticeable by your ex. This can be something like maybe wearing tighter fitting shirts or coincidentally having them see you exercising.

Improve Your Looks
Aim for getting some new outfits to compliment your new body. The better you look all around the more it will drive your ex crazy to know why you are all of a sudden doing it. The more they see it, the more they are going to be attracted to you once again.

Social Events
Seeing you at social events and mingling with new people may be just the thing to get your ex back in your arms. This will show them that you are fun and that you are not letting the breakup get to you too much. Even if you are depressed and dying to get them back inside, don't let them see that it's ruining your life.

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Spend Some Time Together
Spending alone time together lets both of you reconnect on different levels. While other times people are always around, being alone allows you two to clear the air and speak openly and freely to each other.

Give Them Space if They Ask
If they ask for space, give it to them. While you may be thinking this is going to cause them to forget you, it's not. It's going to give them the chance t miss you and feel a void in their life where you once were. In turn, they are going to want you back to fill the void.

Gain Confidence
Most people love a person who has confidence in themselves. By showing them you are confident even with a broken heart, it's going to show them that you can live your life without them. This is going to allow them to become attracted to them all over again.

Involve Yourself in Hobbies
By keeping your mind occupied, you are not going to obsess over them and why they are not running back to you as fast as you would like. Give them some time to collect their thoughts. In the mean time, take up a hobby. Have a favorite sport? Become a part of the team. Occupy your time and see how fast you get results.

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Relationships are all different depending on the personality of each person. Some relationships are fantastic, while others can be quite unhealthy. Though a relationship can go great at first, there are many times that some just don't end up working out, and can lead to heartbreak.

There are many reasons that most relationships fail, which all depends on the situation. In some situations, you could go through a breakup but over time your ex begins to want you back. There are a few signs that your ex might give you to let you know they are still interested and may want to pursue the relationship again.

Discussion of the Past
Your ex tends to bring up past events that went wrong in the relationship. They talk about how things could have been different, why the relationship failed, and what they could have done differently to save it. When your ex talks about such topics, they want to show you that they want to change and have open communication between the two of you, so that possibly things could work out again.

Includes You in the Future
You may find that your ex will refer to future events a lot, and will bring you into the picture. They are showing you that they see you in their future and want to be able to share future events with you. If they continue bringing up the topic, and you appear in the picture every time, this is a sure sign that they want you back in their life.

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They are Everywhere You Go
You find yourself running into your ex in all sorts of places. Whether this be at events, walking, or even while out at the grocery store. They act as if this is just a coincidence, but do not let it fool you; they are intentionally running into you. If you ex begins giving you compliments and flirting, but appears to also be nervous and anxious, this is a sure sign that they are still attracted to you.

Your Ex is Single
Your ex has not moved on to another relationship with someone else, they have chosen to remain single. Along with the other signs they can give you, being single is a major factor of an ex wanting you back. If they are not interested in other people, but would rather continue pursuing you, this is a sure sign that they really want to work things out with you.

Being Nice
Your ex always is very nice to you, as if attempting to fix past events that ruined the relationship. They want to make up for the past, and show you that they are sorry for what happened. He/she may offer to help you with anything you need, or be there for you if you ever need someone to talk to. This is their way of showing you that they are thinking about you and still care about you.

They Make Changes
Not only are they trying to prove to you that they want to change for the better in order to work things out, but they also want to improve the mistakes they have made. This may even include changing their appearance to become for appealing to you again. There could be attitude or anger issues that caused a lot of problems in the relationship before. By the taking the step to change themselves first, they are proving to you that they really are trying.

Your Ex Stays in Contact with You
Your ex calls, emails, stops by, or even sends you letters. They want to keep the contact between you two. This shows you that they are still interested in you, and possibly want to get together with you, even just to hang out. By keeping in touch with you they are able to keep up with what is going on in your life, because this is the way they can get closer to you. When you see them or talk to them, they may seem to be reluctant to leave or stop talking.

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