Why Does My Husband Lie To Me About Everything: What Should I Do If My Husband Keeps Lying To Me

Why husbands cheat and lie is a mystery to some woman but I don't think it's that complicated. There are many reasons why men cheat and lie but I will focus on just a few of them. Men cheat because they believe they are smart enough to get away with it. Men lie because they get caught cheating and try to cover up their infidelity.

OK, in a nutshell that's it. Unfortunately once you dig a little deeper into the male DNA there is a little bit more beneath the surface. A cheating husband is like an onion turning rotten. The more you peel back the layers the more rotten you find on the inside. I'm not talking about all men, just the cheating ones.

Why Do Husbands Cheat And Lie

If you ask a cheating husband why he cheated you will hear one of the following responses;

- I didn't feel loved at home anymore

- My wife was no longer satisfying my needs

- I fell in-love with my lover

- I couldn't stop myself

- I was seduced

- It just happened

- I was mad at my wife

- My lover paid attention to me and made me feel important

- My job was stressing me out

The list of reasons or excuses goes on and on. What you will find is that more than not the husband who cheats blames either his wife or his lover but rarely takes responsibility for the infidelity. Ideally the cheating husband will get his wife to accept some or all of the blame for his cheating. Believe it or not some women fall for that strategy and the husband gets a second chance to break his wife's heart all over again.

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There are varying levels of cheating. Many wives are struggling these days trying to figure out why husbands cheat emotionally or why husbands cheat online.

Why Husbands Cheat Emotionally - Very often husbands will find someone who they believe gets them. All it takes is for some good-looking woman to laugh at his corny jokes or tell him how nice he looks or how good he smells. Once he hears those compliments every negative interaction he has with his wife causes him to appreciate the sweet woman who has kind words for him.

It will not take him long to start dumping his negative feelings and thoughts about his wife on his new found female booster. Before you know it he is involved in an emotional affair.

Why Husbands Cheat Online - For one, a husband who is cheating online believes that he can do so without being caught. Second, he probably doesn't see anything wrong with cheating online as long as it doesn't turn into something more serious.

I'm sure you know that cheating and lying go hand in hand. Every cheating husband is a liar. It doesn't matter if he is involved in a physical or emotional relationship. He is a cheater and a liar, by default.

If you are concerned about infidelity in your marriage, you need to resolve it as soon as possible. The more time your husband is involved with someone else the easier it will be for him to think his affair is what's best for him. You need to fix your relationship issues now before it is too late.

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There are lots of reasons why marriages fall apart. In fact, the changes can be so subtle over time that even the couple themselves aren't aware that they're having problems. By that time, it may be too late to do anything about the problem, and they may have no choice but to head for divorce court. However, if you're more astute about watching your relationship for clues that things aren't working the way they should be, you should have time to remedy the problem and heal your ailing union.

Lack of real communication is one of the first signs a marriage isn't as close as it once was. Do the two of you argue or disagree a lot? That's a form of mis-communication. It could well be that even though you think that you're explaining your feelings clearly, your spouse may be perceiving your words differently than you intended. Instead of fighting with your spouse, make a commitment that you're not going to argue any more, even if you feel you've been wronged. Dissension is a wedge that will push the two of you even farther apart.

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Your marriage will also suffer from a lack of romance. You'll have to admit that romance was the catalyst that got your together in the first place, but the feelings can go dormant if you don't work on them over the years. Other obligations will start taking priority over your intimate time together, things such as jobs and children. All of a sudden, you're too tired or too rushed to stop and get down to romance with your spouse. When this happens, you know your marriage is falling apart. This is a situation which can be remedied, however. Start initiating romantic contact with thoughtful gifts and gestures. Even if you get little response from your spouse to start with, keep on with your efforts, and they will eventually pay off.

Are you realistic in your expectations from your marriage? It doesn't matter what other marriages are like. The two of you are unique, and you can't expect your spouse to act just like your best friend's partner. Like all human beings, your spouse is only human, and he or she may not be able to live up to your expectations if you set them too high. Instead of expecting more, learn to appreciate your spouse's good points again like you did in the beginning. You'll likely find that the love you once shared is still there to be built upon.

Are you tired of living in a relationship in which you feel neglected? Many married people find themselves feeling alone and rejected by their spouse. If you feel taken for granted, there's a way to change that now.

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I was going through the journals of a divorced woman and, a lot became clear to me. When you reach a point where you wonder how do I save my marriage? You are more or less at the end of the road. Divorce is an experience best known to people who have gone through it. When you are on the verge of it, it is probably the worse feeling. The journals shared how the traumatizing experience comes to couples even without their knowledge or expectation. Others simply have the word divorce in the back of their minds and have never really thought of what its reality would mean. Saving a marriage is probably the best thing to do if you have the will and knowledge. Since divorce will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of couples, why don't you focus on how to save it. The main reason why couples fall apart is distance. This is emotional and physical distance. There are very many causes including infidelity, arguments, lack of love and the list goes on. There are couples who have differences that cannot be reconciled but, you must reach a point where you must say ' I want to save my marriage no matter what'.

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This might sound like a radical statement but, you need to engage a powerful gear if you want to fight for your marriage. First, let us talk intimacy and sex. Majority of men who go out with other women are not sexually satisfied in their union. As a wife, you need to be wise and plan or strategize the best way you can. You must know how to attack the problem without messing things up. The best way to improve a relationship is to change yourself. Become attractive, welcoming and friendly to your husband. Do not be confrontational and fighting to make a point. Men do not like drama queens especially when they are their wives. You must do it from your heart with a genuine objective of bringing him home. It is almost like loving him unconditionally. It is until you reach this point that you are ready to save your marriage.

You do not have to be a sex queen but, put an effort and learn what he likes and dislikes. In many relationships, arguments and unhappiness kills the romance. If there is no romance in your marriage, you are probably heading on a downward spiral. You did not get married for friendship. You got married to inspire and spark vitality in each other. Another thing if you have in your mind the statement 'I want to save my marriage' is to keep your husband or wife first. Not even children should separate you. Women have this problem of showing more love to children even than to their men. You should be wise and learn to read the mood. If you constantly ignore your spouse, you are slowly driving them away and, before you know it, you might be at the blink of a divorce. Spending time together is the only way to know what they are feeling. Neglecting each other emotionally is a recipe for disaster. It takes practical steps to save a marriage and, nobody can do it but, you and your husband.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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You recently asked, "What can I do to stop my divorce?" You can do a lot to stop your divorce and turn your marriage into the happiest and most successful one around your community if you apply some specific techniques that can keep your marriage healthy and free from constant conflicts.

There is no way to go through marriage without being hurt. But if you think what your husband or wife did to hurt you was bad, wait until you see what bitterness will do. It will extend your pain, control your moods, infect your attitude and cause you to lose the bliss in your marriage. Few things are worse than a person who only wants to discuss about "what my husband did to me."

Do not keep score. Get out your score cards and get rid of them. Burn them and free your mind from hurts and pains that will poison your relationship.

First learn to change yourself and only then will your spouse begin to change. Examine yourself and check where you are getting things wrong. Do not try to change your spouse. Change will come when you first change yourself.

You must learn to give more love, time, sex, affection and your everything to your spouse. You may want to say, "If I get more, I will give more." No, you've got it back to front. "Give and it will be given to you ... the measure you use ... will be measured to you." (Luke 6: 38 NIV). The quality of your giving determines the quality of your receiving.

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An important key to building a strong and healthy marriage and to stop your divorce is being open to each others views and ideas about issues. One of the greatest dangers as you grow older in your marriage is that your thinking can become "fossilized." To keep your marriage happy and free from conflict, you must create an environment in which the free exchange of information and ideas thrive. Keep the lines of communication free and open always to help resolve issues and problems before they snowball.

One other important thing you must do to stop your divorce is to see your spouse as the most important person in your life. You must consult your spouse first before every major and minor decision is made. Not your father, mother, brothers and sisters or boss. Respect your spouse more than the way you will respect your boss or your President. If your boss is not happy with your performance or attitude, you will probably say, "I am sorry. I will improve." Why can't you say so to your spouse in a loving and respectful manner?

A gardener who had done everything to get rid of dandelions from his garden decided to write a letter to the Department of Agriculture for help. "What can I do next? He asked. "Try getting used to them!" the reply came.

In life and in marriage, you get what you focus on! Focus on how well your marriage will become and you will get the best from it. You can do a lot to stop your divorce immediately. The problem is that most of us believe the grass is greener on the other side. Do not be deceived.

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