Although many overweight people recognize the need for weight loss, it is common to have dietary failures that put everything to lose. Today we will talk about why your diet does not work I hope it is not your case, but it is worth the information anyway.
Why does not your diet work? 5 mistakes you may be making
Sometimes the person changes their diet and starts having an infinitely better food intake than he used to do. But in quantitative terms, it consumes a lot of carbohydrate. And that can make it much harder to lose fat.

It is never too much to mention that this does not happen, just follow a diet prescribed by a Nutritionist. In other way, you can use Macro Calculator to keep track your key factors of your diet – carbohydrates, protein and fats. These are key elements responsible for weight gain or weight loss.

Garbage day

The person follows the diet, but then comes the weekend and decides to adopt the "garbage day" and eats everything that should not and more. Usually, it is allowed to leave the routine, but everything has to be with caution, that is, even the dietary escapade has to be well thought out.

Did you overdo the food?

Why does not your diet work? Exaggerated food and the next day resolve to consume fruits and detox juices, to stay in a light meal and compensate for the previous day's sugar. These strategies are good, but part of your routine, entering at specific times and not making them the rule of your diet throughout the day. After all, where will the consumption of proteins and fats be? You also need these nutrients for a healthy and effective weight loss.

Cannot lose weight anymore?

Why does not your diet work? Despite a balanced diet and even with the presence of physical activity in the routine, you cannot lose any more weight. Simple: Your body needs readjustments either in the exercise routine, or in your diet. In the case of the diet, only a Nutritionist will be able to identify and propose a solution for the return of your weight loss.

Inhibitors of appetite

Use of appetite suppressants by referral of friends Well, if your doctor prescribes, it's another story. The big problem here is when the person stops taking the medication. What happens? He earns all that he has lost or gains more than he has already lost. In short, the person is held hostage to keep up with the weight loss process. And let's agree upon nothing healthy. Even because, in order to lose weight, you do not have to stop eating, on the contrary, it can and should be eaten, but with quality.

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