As this question stands, the position of sitting should not cause back pain; providing you do not sit in the same position for very long time, or you will begin to feel discomfort either your back or in your buttocks.

This is because your body is designed for movement, so if you do not move after a few minutes; then you will start to feeling uncomfortable in some parts of your body.

It does not mean that you have to keep getting up and sitting down. All your body is asking for is a slight adjustment or movement in your buttocks, so that the area you are sitting on is replenished with saturated oxygen fluid, or these cells will die.

Sitting in one position is known as prolonged sitting and has become an area of particular interest to many people, who sit all day in their productive employment. They are finding that sitting at a computer for extended periods of time is causing them considerable pain and discomforts.

All these people need to understand that they cannot sit for prolonged periods of time without moving. If they do not move, their body will inform them through discomforts in their buttock or spine that they need movement.

Our bodies are not designed to be statues, but we are a living organism that constantly needs movement for keeping us alive, active and healthy for survival in daily living.

In essence our body is a very sophisticated machine that coordinates all areas for rest and activity, so that we can remain alive and active for as long as possible for a comfortable quality of life.

This is how simple life is, but there seems to be serious lack of understanding about we need to move our bodies for different positions.

When we change from an upright standing position to sitting in a chair, the dynamics of our movement changes. Our body's center of gravity is no longer in the center of our feet, but is now through our pelvic bones when we sit in a chair.

The pelvic bones bones are attached to the base of our spine. You can put hands on one, on each side of your middle below your waist. If you have gained some weight, you may find this difficult to feel under the fat, but they are still there.

The pelvic bones are shaped like a triangle and if you sit on your pelvic bones, you should feel their lowest point of the pelvic bone as you lean back; so that your full upper body weight goes down your spine and into both pelvic bones.

This is your center of gravity for your body in sitting. When you are sitting on your pelvic bones, your spine is vertically straight and no muscles in your abdomen are being used to hold it upright.

Using this pelvic position for prolonged sitting is called the neutral position and is the best position that you can possibly use when sitting in a chair, for any type of productive sitting.

There are many other professionals, such as ergonomic specialist and chiropractors, who want you to sit more forwards, so that you need to purchase equipment for making you more comfortable. This is not necessary, as there is no harm in sitting in the neutral position.

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The author Gail McGonigal owns a website called Active Living Solutions Ltd Gail aims to create an entirely new niche market in comfortable ergonomic daily living solutions for people with aches and pains through in their joints. This will largely be for the baby boomers, who drive around in cars and are therefore inactive and more than likely overweight. Gail is a retired, qualified Occupational Therapist, who has lived through chronic back pain from sciatica and hand pain from severe osteoarthritis herself. Gail understands why customers are having so much pain and wants to show them how, by using ergonomic ideas and solutions, their chronic pain can be reduced 95%- 100. This is through learning correct skeletal movements for comfort and safe balance, as well as drinking ionized water that heals chronic pain.