Why Does Sperm Leak Out the Next Day: Sperm Still Coming Out Days Later

Positions to get pregnant, what is the best way position of all?

When you have sex trying to making babies in mind. Many couples will analyze and trying every different position to make babies. And they can't make babies at all, then they keep struggling, raise the efforts of making babies. And with that feelings automatically overrides the real fun making babies, that fun is regular sex.

The truth is there's no medical evidence which the right positions to get pregnant. The million sperm that ejaculated inside, they are racing approaching the cervix and only one winner that eventually make it to the egg. Whether or not you helping by rolling, standing with your head, or kicking the air while you lie down.

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But still, If any additional help that couldn't hurt no one could raise the percentage, why don't do it. Remember the gravity, some of these position would cause sperm to leak out, such position like standing, sitting, or woman on top position, should be avoided. I don't say it's bad, but if you could maintain the sperm for not dripping out right away by gravity, why not.

While you lying down after sex for 15 minutes gives same benefit of maintaining the sperm in your body. You could use this time to tell the husband to cuddle you. Because when man ejaculated, his sex desire also start diminished. So you can tell that every his action after that if he makes you comfortable, means that he really loves you.

Beside positions to get pregnant, You need to paying attention with pregnancy timing too. Best timing to get pregnant is in days between 12th and 20th from your cycle. Doing daily sex when you ovulating is good. When you done sex, put pillow on your hip and get comfy, so you don't need to hold up legs in the air. There are some saying that with woman's contractions of her reproductive system could enhance the sperm further towards the cervix. There's no medical evidence about this, but then again as long as it can be done and doesn't hurt, why not. However, The male still need to ejaculating.

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Is marriage the be all and end all? Is this where life begins for you in a new dimension and you dream of having children, raising them and experiencing the joys and pains of parenthood? If this is so, if you wish to have children, and if you want an easy and early pregnancy, there are simple ways to ensure conception at the earliest. The cervical fluid and its texture is a sure indication of ovulation-the day when you are most fertile and most likely to conceive.

Ovulation and Fertility

The day a woman ovulates is the day when she is at the peak of her fertility curve. Intercourse on this day when the egg is released ensures highest probability of the woman getting pregnant. Ovulation occurs about 14 days after the woman menstruates. However, to know the exact day of ovulation it would be better to prepare a chart spread over a few months. The chart should keep a record of:

The basal body temperature, specifically the temperature in the vagina. Temperature is highest the day a woman ovulates. Linking this to the menstrual cycle gives a woman a fairly accurate idea of the day when she is likely to ovulate and thus plan intercourse for maximum chances of impregnation.

The consistency and quantity of mucus or cervical fluid in the vagina is a determining factor of ovulation.

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Cervical fluid and ovulation

Cervical fluid is an important pointer to ovulation. The texture of the mucus in the vagina keeps on changing, as does the amount of its secretion. As the day of ovulation nears, this mucus becomes water white and rather sticky and stretchy, quite distinct from its usual texture. The quantity of secretion also increases.

You should plan your intercourse sessions to take place a couple of days before ovulation, on the day of ovulation and the day after ovulation. Sperm can survive in the vaginal canal for up to 6 days but the egg can survive only for 12 to 24 hours after its release. To ensure the best environment for the sperm, you should focus on the quality of cervical fluid.

Ways to Improve Quality of Cervical Fluid

This can be done simply by eating nutritious, well balanced diet, rich in fibre sourced from fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Foods should be neither too alkaline nor too acidic but with balanced pH. Consume a lot of water to enhance quality of cervical fluids.

Eat food rich in vitamin A such as carrots, papaya, pumpkins, fruits with red and orange color and eggs.

Some anti-tussive medical remedies also help in loosening the mucus but this might be a debatable point. Stick to diets and intake of water.

The purpose of having high quality cervical fluid is to enable sperm to survive longer and get a chance to travel up to the egg and fertilize it. A simple and easy to achieve conception, isn't it?

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Are you troubled by the unconditional exceptions of yeast infections and just looking out for a cure to treat it as soon as possible? Did you know that by following certain cures you can easily get relief within hours? It might be surprising to you indeed but it is true but you need to follow them very carefully. Here are four important sorted out ways to cure yeast infections within hours...

1. Hygiene stands out to be the best and the most effective cure to treat infections around your vagina. For this you need to clean your vaginal area in and around very well with mild soap and water more than once a day. It helps in fighting against the extra fungus and also prevents the reoccurence of the infection.

2. Cut out on your sex and it might sound to be stubborn decision of course but unprotected and at times even using condoms for sex might lead to spreading of the infection as well as worsening the condition. Just put a full stop for a while until things get better and the infection starts to recess. This will surely take off the time to cure and will get things to a better condition very soon.

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3. Take care of the undergarments you wear as they must be cotton and lose so that air and moisture does not get locked inside. With synthetic and tight garments, the chances of easy multiplication of the fungus develop and the time to cure the problem prolongs over a long period.

4. Eating a lot of cranberries and garlic can help you cure the yeast infection at a faster pace in addition to the application of garlic and cranberry paste along the vulva and also inside the vagina. Keeping hygiene to the basic method, follow the above steps to relieve from yeast infections within hours time. Just try it out and find the difference.

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Suffering from vaginal odor is of course a terrible situation and you need not be worried about it as it is a common problem faced by people across the globe. Before treating the problem, it is very essential to know and understand the cause and then you can consider with the respective treatment for it.

You need not approach the doctor for treatment always as there are certain primary steps or natural ways to get rid of this situation which is described below. Also, the doctors always prescribe antibiotics which kill both the beneficial as well as harmful bacteria as it fails to distinguish between the two. Later, on stopping the medicine, the repopulation of the organism appears making the situation worse. Due to this very reason, people depend mostly on natural ways to act against this situation.

o Taking bath in water mixed with cider vinegar dilution can help you in treating the situation. This helps in balancing out the pH thus eliminating the organism producing the odor. Also, it is advised to wash the affected area very well with clean water mixed with cedar vinegar.

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o Yoghurt having Lactobacillus acidophilus within it has been known to have great effect on treating the vaginal odor problem. For this you can soak a tampon in yoghurt and apply over the affected area to fight against the harmful bacteria.

o Immune system can be strengthened by taking Vitamin C tablets to fight against the present situation. This has known to increase the levels of stamina and the ability to strongly withstand the problem causing bacteria.

o Clean the area well with pure water and nothing else and it is also recommended by the experts not to use soap as it causes problems in altering the essential oils of the skin. The smegma usually present within the clitoris must be cleaned well always and should not be allowed to accumulate and this could be done easily by cleaning with luke warm water.

Following these deals with care can help in fighting against vaginal odor in the natural way.

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