Is your smartphone battery dead…?  Has it happened again…? 

Call it an unflattering testament to this new age period, but we miss those days when smartphones needed to be charged once every week.  Now as the situation holds, it’s difficult to get through a 9-hour shift without your phone dying out on you.

Of course, it does seem trivial to whine about the short battery life of the technical marvel a.k.a; your present-day smartphones- which are no less than a pocket-portable computer. However, it is downright frustrating to use a device which keeps dying on you after a handful of hours and needs to be tethered to a wall 2 or 3 times throughout the day.

But strangely, the abbreviated battery life of our smartphone has more to do on how we use our device every day and particularly how we charge them when it dies. 

‘Tech experts have uncovered some charging mistakes which we unknowingly make each time we plugin.’

Mistake 1: Charging it at 100%

Many may think of it as counter-intuitive, but if you constantly charge your phone battery to 100%, then you are not going any good to its life. Tech experts believe this habit to push the phone to its extreme limits which cause wear and tear on the battery life. 

Considering that a smartphone battery consists of a finite number of charging cycles, sticking to this habit only deteriorates its lifespan faster. They also state that the battery functions best when its charge is kept between 40-80%

Mistake 2: Overnight Charging

This brings to the next mistake and that is charging your smartphone overnight. Yes, it may seem to you as the best time to charge your device, but all you are doing it over-juicing it, thus killing the battery quickly. 

The correct way to go about it would be to stick to moderation and charge your smartphone in small bursts throughout the day.

Mistake 3: Charging Without Removing the Phone Case

Many are guilty of this charging habit. But, in reality, keeping the case on while charging your device does more harm to the battery than you realise! With the case not removed, the generated heat gets trapped thus proving bad for the battery health. 

 Next time remove the case so that your device gets air to stay cool. This way you can save your battery from completely dying on you.

Mistake 4: Using Battery Backup Phone Case 

Indeed, a battery backup phone case may seem very useful. But as discussed above, too much heat is always dangerous both for your device and your smartphone. While your device charges the phone case only warms up the battery and makes it susceptible to dying out on you anytime.

If you are looking for portable support to help your phone last throughout the day, especially if you are on the go, then you can look to use disposable one-time use Android charger which helps juice up your device for 4 hours. 

They are the next big thing in the realm of portable and effortless phone charging- during emergency times. So why not stockpile a few of these one-time-use chargers which to be honest are way better than using a battery backup phone case.

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