There are so many reasons why people go years with addiction untreated. Fewer than half the people who need treatment for addiction actually seek it out. In some countries, half of people who need treatment seek it and in other nations it’s less than 10 percent. The percentage of people seeking treatment doesn’t seem to depend on how much treatment is available for example the US has only around 10 percent of people addicted seeking addiction.  So what are these reasons?

They don't even want to quit.

A lot of the time, people do not want to stop living their addiction based lifestyle. Many people whose drug or drinking has become a problem are in total denial. They either don't see the damage that addiction is doing to their lives or they think that they aren't addicted and they can quit whenever they choose. Some feel like they have good lives despite addictions and their drug use or drinking doesn't cause them problems. There’s no bright line between use and misuse so it’s very hard to say how many people are addicts or problem users. What is clear is that in order to be able to kick the habit you have to want it.

The stigma of drug and alcohol addiction.

Many people with drug or alcohol addictions become extremely good at hiding it. Even those who aren't good at hiding it believes that its a secret to everyone and that admitting that they have a problem will cause issues. People are well aware that addiction is a disease, however there is still the judgmental public to deal with and people do judge.

However you don't have to advertise the fact that you are getting help. You can admit the issue and speak to your family and those you love about it - but you don't need to go around telling everyone about it. You don't need to be posting about it on Facebook and YouTube.

The second you get treatment in a drug rehab or alcohol rehab clinic and admit you need help everything is going to get considerably easier with less disruption or attention to your issue.

They don't know how to get help.

THere are a great many options to choose from a good place to start is a doctor or therapist. You can soon come up with a treatment plan.

The wait is oh-too long

Waiting lists are just a fact of life in so many areas. There are too many people and not enough places. Someone needing treatment should usually not have to wait a few days however sometimes this even is too long. If you are put on a waiting list ask around and get someone to see you sooner. Put your name on as many different lists as you can just incase something opens up sooner.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.