India is a place which is slowly catching up on the IVF procedure and its benefits. There are numerous clinics which offer 80-90% success rates; you should exercise caution while visiting these clinics. Hi, I am Sashi Kumar here with my wife Sushmita Kumar and we are here to review the treatment of Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour. My wife is the mother of a beautiful girl child thanks to the amazing treatment she received from the doctor. She underwent several complications before undergoing IVF treatment at her clinic. We are very grateful to this fantastic doctor for providing us with a reason to smile.

Before we met Dr. Shivani Gour
Due to previous medical conditions, my wife couldn't be treated for normal delivery. So we had to look out for other options so that we can have a child. She went through several depressive stages as a result of this and I was determined to find a cure to this problem. We knew that IVF was an option but I had reservations as the success rate was low in India. One day my general physician asked me to visit Dr. Shivani Sachdev to get an opinion. We booked an appointment and went to meet her.

Visiting the Doctor
We walked in with our test reports along with our wobbly hearts. She studied the reports in detail and gave some general guidance. She explained that although the success rate of IVF was low, yet it is possible to be a mother. One can have a positive result if all the procedures are safely followed. She also suggested some tests which have to be done and gave some medicines to my wife. She gave us some time to think about the procedure and make up our minds. We went back with the reports and Dr. Shivani reviews it with attention. After taking our consent she decided to proceed with the treatment.

The treatment, Success, and final happiness
The process took several months to complete. During this time, my wife went through several depressive stages. Dr. Shivani was always with us during the entire process and gave us strong mental support. Then finally after a few months of continuous therapy and treatment, she gave birth to a beautiful princess who is now the joy of our life.

Dr. Gour is a very dedicated professional who is committed to her patients. She is thoroughly professional but with a human touch. If you have to do any IVF treatment close your eyes and just go to Dr. Shivani, believe me, she will change your lives.

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