What Are Negative Caloric Foods?

Negative caloric foods are made up of mainly fruits and vegetables. the ones to avoid are avacados and oranges. I will have a list at the bottom of this article. Negative caloric foods are foods that that burn more calories just by eating them than there are calories in the food itself. For instance celery, strawberries, eggplant, cucumbers, pineapples and much more. Negative caloric foods are great when you are on a weight loss program, because no matter what program you are on you will always have cravings in between meals or meal replacements such as the 90 day challenge you have with Visalus which has been tremendously successful. Myself I prefer something sweet like an apple or a couple of pieces of cantaloupe. Again everything in moderation and the further you get into the program the easier it gets.
What Purpose Does Negative Caloric Foods Serve?

Any weight loss program is not easy and negative caloric foods help you bridge the gap till you get to your meal or meal replacement without jeopardizing your regimen. Listen let’s not kid one another losing weight is not easy, because you have to be disciplined. Eating foods is a pleasurable experience and our society preaches instant gratification. This is America and we can do what we want even if it kills us. Sounds a little outrageous, but think of it we eat far too much in this country. We could enjoy life much more and extend our lives by eating the right foods and eating less and avoid the onslaught of debilitating diseases that wait on the horizon. If you haven’t noticed health care costs are bankrupting our government and being overweight is one of the main reasons for many diseases we experience in America. Negative caloric foods can do there part instead of the hamburger you get at anyone of the fast food restaurants that are overwhelming high in caloric intake.
Negative Caloric Foods List

* Apples
* Asparagus
* Beets
* Blueberries
* Broccoli
* Cantaloupes
* Carrot
* Cauliflower
* Celery stalk
* Celery root
* Cranberries
* Cucumbers
* Eggplant
* Endives
* Garden cress
* Garlic
* Grapefruit
* Green beans
* Green cabbage
* Lamb’s lettuce
* Lemons
* Lettuce
* Onions
* Papayas
* Pineapples
* Prunes
* Radishes
* Raspberries
* Spinach
* Strawberries
* Tangerines
* Tomatoes
* Turnips
* Zucchini

Please use this free list of negative calorie foods wisely.
Weight Loss Program and Negative Caloric Foods?

The program that I have had success with is the Visalus 90 Day challenge. The Visalus shake is chock full of vitamins and minerals and vitamins are almost useless with out minerals to go with them. Minerals help activate the nutritional effect of the vitamins. That being said please watch the video below to see what you would have to eat to equal one Visalus shake. Along with consuming negative Caloric foods in between meals is a formula for weight loss achievement.

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