If you are an online entrepreneur buying wholesale or selling merchandise to your online customers in the UK, there is a good chance that you have come across Esources.co.uk, the online trade directory service. This is a vital platform for those who are new to the ecommerce business in the UK and are looking for business opportunities to enhance their reach and capabilities.

As the best known and fastest growing online trade directory service in the UK, Esources is the leader in this niche. It enjoys a fantastic reputation among the UK ecommerce community as it provides all the support that trade buyers and wholesale suppliers require to establish their business and drive it to success. The largest online database has a listing of thousands of UK wholesalers, dropshippers, distributors, manufacturers, auctioneers and agents. The B2B portal is undoubtedly the best support system that newcomers to the industry can hope to get.

Some Of The Key Features Of This Digital Directory Service Are:

• Every wholesale supplier applying for listing is verified for their authenticity and their performance capabilities checked before they are listed

• The portal has a huge database of wholesale suppliers covering every type of business. You can find the suppliers you are looking for a specific type of product very quickly and effortlessly here

• There are online business experts available to provide high-quality guidance and advice on a variety of matters related to online selling. Registered trade buyers can avail of free e-courses on a variety of topics covering various aspects of ecommerce business.

• Trade buyers and suppliers are offered both free and paid registration options. Newcomers to the industry can start with the free membership while the experienced ones can register as premium members by paying a small fee every month, for six months or for an annual membership.

One of the biggest benefits of signing up as a trade buyer member is that they can connect with fully verified and authentic wholesale suppliers and can easily steer clear of fraud elements and scammers. There have been numerous instances of novice traders getting scammed by fraudsters who pose as wholesalers and offer dubious schemes and offers packaged as money-spinners. Esources.co.uk members can easily avoid such scammers by choosing wholesalers from the verified database.

Esources.co.uk is an online directory of suppliers and affirmed as the largest UK based directory of distributors, manufacturers, and wholesalers. The directory service has been playing a stellar role in helping trade buyers launch and establish their online selling business smoothly. Esources offers convenient membership registration options too.

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