What is important about a logo? Why spend so much time talking about, planning, and creating your logo? Is it that important?

Designhill thinks so. And they're not alone. In their blog, they talk about the many reasons as to why every great brand needs a killer logo. Among the reasons mentioned are:

  • To make a great first impression
  • To attract new leads and customers
  • To stand out from your competition

Just these reasons alone are significant enough to justify creating a great logo. Think about the visitor who just came to your site for the first time. What kind of impression does your logo leave with your guests? Remember the rule on first impressions: "You may not have a second chance to make a good first impression."

Regarding attracting new leads and customers, this goes without saying. You need to create an impressionable impact on people who could turn into customers later. They may download your app, bookmark your page, and consider purchasing from you in the future.

Also remember that whether you have a great logo or not, chances are, your competition does. This is a key reason why it's so important to have a great logo. Take a look at your competitor’s logos and ask yourself how yours compares to theirs. It's not that you are trying to emulate anything they do. But you want to get an idea of what they are doing so that you can compete with it. Remember you are after the same client base, and you are both trying to make an impression on the same customer. Whatever they are doing, make yours better.

Do your homework

There's a lot of research that goes into a great logo. You should research colors, shapes, and textures and decide what works best for your brand. Which colors attract people most in the app store? Should you choose a dark, formal color like black or something regal like purple?

That is up to you, and your logo should always reflect your brand in every way possible. But think about which colors and styles make your brand look the best.

It's Everywhere! It's Everywhere!

Another reason you need to have a killer logo design is that it is going to go on "everything." Not only will you use your logo on your online websites, blogs, and social media, but you will also use it on off-line "real-world" materials such as your business stationery, caps, coffee mugs, and who knows what else.

Think about the result and where your logo will be seen. Since it will be seen in a variety of places and contexts, it needs to be the best it can be.

Encapsulating a Brand

You should think of your logo as a way to encapsulate a brand. You should consider what you are communicating to both your current customers as well as your new visitors to your website and even people who walk into your office if you have one. Local business owners who are also on the web must think about how their logo represents their business and strive to create an image that they want customers to associate them with.

The way to do this is to always keep your brand's personality in mind when creating your logo. It might help to write down a few sentences that represent your brand before starting to build your logo or taking it to a professional logo design firm.

That way, the firm will have an idea of how the qualities you wish to convey to your audience in your logo and it will give them a starting place in creating it.

Compete with big brands and win!

There is nothing more thrilling than the idea that today, small business owners can compete with big brands and win. It's true! And why not? Unlike the days of ad agencies and expensive TV ads, you can now run your video ad with your logo on any media you want.

When you place a YouTube ad on your YouTube channel, you are competing with every other company in your niche that also has an ad running on YouTube. When you put up a winning website that appeals to your target audience, you are placing yourself in front of the same people that the big brands are doing.

Granted, not every company or business wants or needs to compete with big brands. Perhaps you just have a local business that you want to get more attention and are looking for a way to get your message out to more people. If you want to stand out from the crowd with a winning brand and logo design, be sure to implement these five logo and branding tips -- which stress the points of color usage, choosing the right font, being flexible with your design, being patient with design teams and also how to create a logo that is true to the core values of your brand or company.

Whatever the case, it's still nice to know that you are on the same platforms, the same web servers, and you are before the same potential audiences that the big guys are!

This levels the playing field when it comes to your online advertising and allows you to present your brand in a professional way that draws attention to your excellent points.

The Statistics Don't Lie

  • 45% of a brand's image can be attributed to what is says and how it says it.
  • 54% of people don't trust brands.
  • 64% of people say that shared values are the main reason people use certain brands.

These are just a few harrowing statistics that business owners must keep in mind. In essence, these stats show that people don't trust brands in general, they are looking for brands that share their values, and that their credibility is based, in large part, on how they say what they say.

That's where your logo comes in. Your logo is the symbol of your brand. It stands at the forefront of your website or other online property inviting people to check out your brand. It could be thought of as the "door opener." So if your logo is not good or it projects a negative image, do you think people are going to come in to investigate what your brand is about.

Bopdesign.com states on their blog that 89% of brands cite raising brand awareness as their primary goal for content marketing, taking precedence over leads generation and sales.

This fact is significant and shows the importance to business owners and strategists that they place on brand awareness and brand image.

That's why every brand needs a killer logo design. It's not just the design that matters. It is the way the design speaks to the target audience and if you can effectively communicate that shared value system that customer’s value.

It's Not About You

Remember it's not about you. It's not even about your brand. It's about how well you can convince your customers and potential customers that your brand fits their needs and values. Matching your company with their needs is what it is all about. Creating your brand is about everything you do to achieve this, whether it appears on your website, your sales letters, or your logo.

The logo is the single most impressionable item that may appeal to people when they are searching for products or services they value. That's why your logo should strive to speak to the customer in ways you could never do in a sales pitch.

Author's Bio: 

Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing and branding. Follow his blog to see what he's currently working on and how to find more success online.