Kickboxing is an effective way to enhance strength endurance gains of a monotonous gym session and body toning of regular running and jogging regimen. With the introduction of women’s boxing in Summer Olympics, more and more women are getting interested in this outstanding workout technique.

Here are six absolutely amazing health benefits of practicing kickboxing.

Melts fat faster – Kickboxing is an effective combination of martial art techniques and cardio exercises that ensure to burn fat and calories faster. It is a full body workout that saves time by combining resistance and cardio exercises during the class. Just a one-hour of kickboxing session can burn as much as 750 calories. During the session of kickboxing, your heart rate gets improved and as a result you can burn more calories. It is highly effective in melting stubborn belly fat that enhances risk of developing heart diseases, high blood sugar and some types of cancer.

Tones up body – Kickboxing is often complemented with MMA exercises with jump rope and core strengthening exercises. Kickboxing features body toning components. It forces the practitioner to engage all the muscle groups in the body. And this engagement improves body reflexes and flexibility as it requires you to stretch for at least 15 minutes before starting to make your body ready to move. Kicking during the session also helps endorse your flexibility. It tones up your upper as well as lower body muscles through punching and kicking the sandbag. And this way, you’ll feel stronger every time you go.

Teaches worthy self-defence moves – Though most women are turning to kickboxing for physical fitness, its defence aspect is a perk. In fact, this is an important aspect of learning kickboxing. Having the capability to provide protection to yourself is one of the most significant assets. Kickboxing teaches you how to get yourself out of danger if you’re in a hazardous situation. And by doing this, you’ll build more self-confidence.

Relieves stress and aggression – Drinking a glass of chilled beer is not the only solution to release your stress after a hectic day. Intense physical exercises like kickboxing also offer healthy way to get rid of your frustrations. It would also help you get a solid night’s sleep and make mental clarity better. This great martial arts fitness training enhances the secretion of endorphins that diminish the effects of excessive stress. Also the ambience of kickboxing works quite effectively to release endorphins – the feel-good chemicals.

Lets you feel confident and sexy – Nothing can be sexier than kicking someone’s butt and feel great about doing this. It would also enhance your confidence to punish someone for doing something wrong with you or anybody else.

Ensures better coordination and balance – As you kick on one foot, you’ll automatically build stability and balance to throw harder kicks as you grow as a proficient kickboxer. It will also improve your coordination. Every set of kicks and punches pushes you to coordinate motions between your legs and arms, and improves overall bodily harmonization.

Kickboxing can be highly energetic when practiced with good music. It’s a fun altogether. If you’re a resident of San Francisco, join kickboxing classes mission San Francisco to learn this great workout technique.

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