The way you style your brows can really help define your face. Shaping them the right way can bring out your eyes and even make you look younger. That is why it is essential to stop over-tweezing and start taking proper care of your brows. We are happy to share the best-kept beauty secret with you - follow these simple tips and don't forget to thank the gods of makeup on pencils, powders and eyebrow kits that made styling a piece of cake!

Hide the tweezers and avoid your waxer

The first thing you should do if you want to get fuller brows is to stop seeing your waxer, at least for a little while. Thick brows are not just for those lucky girls born with a perfect pair and amazing hair! You should take some time off plucking and give your brows a chance for re-growth. During the reparation period, pencils, powders, brow kits are going to be your best friends. They do wonders and are perfect for filling the gaps in order to achieve natural looking thick eyebrows.

Be patient until your brows grow out

Well, the second part is a bit difficult because it demands patience. The first couple of weeks will be okay, but the tricky part is not to pluck them after that period, and simply let the grow-out. To resist the temptation try to combine them and put just a bit of coconut oil on top. Try not to pay attention to them because chances are that nobody else will notice something you're obsessing over – your un-plucked and un-styled brows.

Alternative to everyday makeup

As we all know, sometimes wearing makeup sound so unappealing, especially during hot summers. In these situations, you can easily skip on all the steps of your makeup routine, avoid heavy makeup, any foundation at all and simply put an accent on your brows and eyes. That way you will look all dolled up even though you're not, and you will let your skin breathe. Having quality eyebrow extensions makes your life even easier since you won't have to spend time on shaping and filling in the brows and still get the thick, popular brows!

This is perfect for both the girls who don't put makeup at all since they will get the perfectly shaped face without the effort and for the girls who adore applying makeup since they will shorten the time and save money on various cosmetics.

Find the right shape for your face

Now that your brows are stronger, longer and finally styled the right way it is time to learn a few more tips on how to apply makeup on them. You should avoid styling and drawing your brows as some beauty blogger you like does, you should find the shape that is perfect for your face and try not to exaggerate! Use a quality pencil and powder and after finding the right shape you can focus on full shaping. Use concealer to hide stray hairs that fall outside if you are still in the re-growing phase.

When it comes to choosing the right color for your brows you should make sure to take a bit lighter color than your natural hair is to make them look all natural.  

In order to make your brows appear thicker using makeup, you should first take a brush, place it along the side of your nose to mark the start of your brows or at least where the ideal spot would be.

After that, you should angle the brush from the outside of your nose to the corner of your eye to mark the end point of the brows (should be at a 45-degree angle from the outside end of your eye).

Now that you have the beginning and the end, it is time to fill in the gaps. You should brush brows to see where they are uneven to fill them in with ease. Use a quality brow brush and softly move in short dash-like strokes. Fill in sparse areas with a pencil still using the same light, dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs. And voila! A perfectly style eyebrows that look completely natural and beautifully shape your face.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your brows are always perfectly styled! Add a touch of mascara and you're all set for a day out in the sun, showing off your natural beauty with your amazingly shaped brows!

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