Social media has changed the way we communicate with others. Now we are permanently connected and we have immediate access to information. In recent years, a multitude of social networks have appeared (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snatchap, WhatsApp ...).

They have developed new functionalities (augmented reality, live videos, ...) with the aim of improving connectivity between people, and between them and brands. Among all social networks, Facebook and Instagram are the favorites for brands to connect with their followers.

However, they have some limitations. The first is finding its glass ceiling among the youngest, who prefer the Instagram application to share their interests. The second finds certain limitations when it comes to talking with your followers and obtaining a return on your investment in advertising. The possible solution would be in the total union of these two social networks in a single one.

Facebook has more than 1.50 billion members, and is translated into 70 languages. With an activity like this, it is difficult for companies not to include it in their brand strategy. The social network has evolved since its appearance and has incorporated new functions that allow brands and users different ways to connect and present content. Facebook has managed to seize the advertising investments of brands by taking advantage of the advertising demand on the internet. Facebook is very popular in online marketing, which is why many brands are constantly in the search for FB accounts for sale that can increase their sales.

For its part, Instagram (a social network and application to upload videos and photos, famous for its filters) has more than 1 billion active users in a month and is the social network that currently shows the highest growth. The latest data also shows how Instagram is the favorite social network of the youngest and how the time that users spend on said social network increases.

The rapid growth of Instagram and the possible shadow as competition, which it could lead to in the future, are behind the reasons for its acquisition by Facebook, in 2012. Despite the initial suspicion of Instagram users, without a doubt, the acquisition has brought advantages to companies. From that moment on, brands have seen their communication improved, thanks to the publicity shared with Facebook. Although the purchase has been made, both social networks keep their functionalities intact and the users are not shared. However, some of the novelties in both social networks indicate that, seeking improvement and utility for the user, they are replicating some of the functionalities of the competition's social network.

Both social networks allow you to link both profiles to be able to publish together. In addition to saving time, it allows you to keep both platforms updated with current content. The great advantage for the companies of the union of the purchase of Instagram has been the possibility of creating ads by Instagram derived from the advertising activity on Facebook. The platform even allows you to create ad campaigns even without having an Instagram account. This is perfect for those brands that do not require a specific profile or do not believe they have the capacity to generate a community on Instagram but can make advertising impacts on their audience through specific campaigns on this social network.

One of the advantages is the possibility of transferring users and followers from Facebook to Instagram. For those companies that have a very large community on Facebook as a result of marketing work and advertising investment, this novelty is a clear advantage when developing their strategy on Instagram. This functionality responds to the need of companies to be able to share content and community without losing strength before the advancement of Instagram as a leader among the younger audience and, especially, without having to double efforts in advertising.

In short, the combination of these two social media giants is truly unmatched by any other online platform when it comes to online promotion.

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Alex is a professional writer and digital marketing expert