Today more and more fashion companies are putting their faith in online press release distribution services. Any global press release distribution service is going to give them access to tools for marketing and showcasing their products at any time of their convenience using even laptops and tablets. A report, The State of Fashion, brought out by McKinsey & Company, shows how important digitalization has become for optimizing product launch cycles.

How can online press release services benefit fashion houses?

As the fashion industry becomes more and more digitally-focused, online press release services are making sure that key journalists and social media influencers notice you and you get higher search visibility.

If you must announce the launch of a new service or product all you need to do is sign up with a reputed press release service. This online press release service is then going to draft an impressive press release for you and spread it across all the right channels so that every prime social media networking website and search engine can access it. that way you can target all key social media influencers and well-known journalists who will repost and re-tweet your stories.

Since sending out press releases is no longer a cumbersome and slow-moving affair, companies are now sending out greater numbers of releases also. This means that the higher the numbers of press releases being posted, the better are chances of promoting your fashion label’s brand image.

Another key advantage which fashion companies can now get out of signing up with online press release distribution services is a revamped look. Modern press releases are revamped with an inclusion of images, videos and various other multimedia which makes the news stories even more compelling reads for viewers. So, makeover for press releases has been successful in driving more interest among customers.

When you sign up with a global press release distribution service the biggest advantage is that your stories get distributed worldwide. Earlier, press releases used to be sent only to journalists and when these were not up to the mark, they were dismissed by the journalists. But today, any press release can be spread instantly through social media platforms and email marketing.

When your press releases have links to other web pages viewers get to know more and more about what they do and this consequently expands public knowledge about a product.

In case an online press release goes viral when people start to share it all across major social media networking sites, the buzz generated can be far more useful than what you could have hoped to achieve through traditional press releases.

The biggest advantage of any online press release is of course its portability. Viewers may read a press release about a newly-launched fashion product or a recent fashion trend anywhere online, even from their smartphones while on the go.

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When you use specific keywords that are related to your fashion business for optimizing the press releases, people are able to access more details about your company via search engines.