Have you ever struggled to accept the debts of a spouse or a family member? With the onslaught of financial problems during the recession, a lot of marriages failed and families were permanently destroyed because of debt. It is quite unfair that the whole family has to suffer just because your partner, spouse or someone else in the household acquired so much debt.

However, you need to understand that even though it is not your problem, getting out of debt is a team effort. Even if the one is debt is graciously adamant that they should carry the burden alone, at one point or another, they will need help. Even if they are determined, they will need encouragement and reassurance along the way.

While it can be embarrassing for the person or persons who acquired the debt, you need to share the load. That is the only way that you can get over the debt as fast as you can. The temptation to severe ties may be great but staying with the struggling family member or partner will actually help the relationship grow and mature together.

Even if you think your children are too young to understand, they have to be made aware of the financial situation. They need to understand that saying “no” to certain requests are not done to punish them. Talk to them and be honest about your financial standing. By asking them to do their share, you are teaching them how to be more responsible in managing their money. It can be as easy as saving their school allowance for any purchase that they want to make - instead of asking money from you. It can be something more helpful as getting a part time job. You may be surprised at how cooperative your children can be when you share with them your financial woes.

Another reason why everyone has to pitch in is because of your new budget. Any debt relief effort involves a budget and payment plan that you have to stick to. Getting the whole family or household to live that budget is the challenge. If you have to cut back on the annual vacations, eating out and shopping sprees, then the whole family has to be involved. If you need to change brands used within the house or cut out coupons to buy the basic necessities, then the household will surely notice that.

Achieving financial freedom and getting rid of debt can also be helped if you increase your income. This is another reason why the household needs to pitch in. If you have to sell some of the things that you have lying around the house, you can get the help of your children in a yard sale. If you or your spouse have to work longer hours to help pay off the debts, the other members of the family will have to take over some of the household chores.

By sharing the debt burden, the debtor will not be as stressed compared to dealing with it alone. The combined effort can also shorten the time that it will take to pay off all the debts. Not only that, the whole family will learn their lesson and hopefully, emerge with better and wiser financial management skills.

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