The flowers are excellent gifts. But with so many possibilities, knowing which ones represent each feeling is indispensable to achieve provides an unforgettable experience to those who receive them. That's why we've created this guide to help you juggle flowers and feelings. 

Sometimes we spend our whole life beside a person and we will only miss it when it is no longer with us, and what we have done during so many years of relationship? Where were the affection, the affection, the consideration .and more important than that, because we were not able to express these feelings all, after all they are beautiful, tender, relevant, essential and make our lives have felt. But it's never too late to start changing and offering flowers is a beautiful way to show affection to the people we love. If you are interested in send flowers to Israel, a great choice for flower delivery in daflower and all over Israel is to order the flowers through the Flowers Online .


When you want to show love and passion, the most used flowers in the world are always red roses . But attention to color! Each of them can convey a different feeling. For example, yellow represents friendship or platonic love; the blues signify eternal love; white, peace and purity; and pink, very loving and loving.


Just to observe this flower already can understand what its main meaning. With a strong, cheerful yellow, sunflowers are ideal for sending good energies to the one you love when you feel the person needs extra reasons to smile. By reflecting the light and positive energy of the sun, these flowers and feelings are also great for decoration .


There are several species of this flower in nature. This plurality also reflects on the various feelings that the plants of this group can express. The pink orchid or lilac, for example, are a symbol of seduction, and are ideal for gifting that special person. Already white means pure love, black is perceived as an object of authority and power, and blues are great for conveying confidence and peace.


Beautiful and elegant, this flower is conceived by many as a tool to promote inner transformation and to make the person always see the positive side of things, even when he is well hidden in the storm clouds. This makes the cemeteries meaning positivity. So these flowers and feelings are perfect for those who need strength in life!


As they represent purity and innocence, lilies are among the favorite flowers to make a bridal bouquet. This meaning makes them perfect for a declaration of love or a request for marriage. The flowers in orange represent a sense of fascination and attraction, and yellow indicate a friendship that could go a step further

it is not necessary that there be any special date to give to those you love, especially when it comes to couples, be they young or more mature, everyone knows that love must be watered every day with small attitudes, kindness, affection, routine moments where a simple gesture of love can make all the difference. What woman would not love to receive a beautiful arrangement in the form of a Passionate Heart , full of red roses that may still be filled with delicious truffles, in a moment of absolute surprise.

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