A gemstones is also known as a semiprecious gemstones is cut and polished to make ornaments or jewelry. gemstones are often difficult, and are used as decorative elements in jewelry because of its brightness and visual value. Another characteristic of gemstones is that they are rare. Because of all the reasons that are available at high cost and are used by some people.

Not only that, precious gemstoness are also used for astrology. They have powers of healing and energetic colors, the only people based on their sun signs. Vedic astrology says that the gems are used to understand the weaknesses of human beings on the planet's astrological chart. These weaknesses are several times the reasons for the physical and psychological problems in the population. gemstones are used for "Grah shanti," which means making peace with the planetary positions for which the person is able to live a harmonious life.

Astrology gemstoness worn for certain types of metals, which are suitable for jewelry. The company used most of the metals are bronze, gold, copper, and silver amalgam. So that the precious gemstoness, to be effective, it is imperative that the jewels would be the best quality. Must be clear and clean the mesh. Surgery and better visibility, the higher the price.

Horoscope is the astrological chart of the heavens related to time and place of birth of someone. It is a kind of map that appears as a two-dimensional array. It describes the position of the sun, moon and planets at the precise moment of his birth. The Earth moves from west to east. Therefore, the Sun appears to move from east to west. This 360-degree circle is divided into 12 zodiac of 30 degrees each. All these parts are called zodiac signs. The horoscope spread is the type of propagation used in reading the tarot.

Horoscope spread is famous among astrologers. It symbolizes the whole life of an individual and is the ideal tool for reading in general. Since the first house of the horoscope spread Fold the circle and place a card in each of the twelve houses. Most players place the last card in the center of the circle as a general indication of the full statement. Some players prefer to start with the card that indicates the center of the basic question, then laying twelve cards in twelve houses of the horoscope that surround the central map.

For Piedra del Sol is the ruby.
To the moon, the precious pearl
For mercury, the gemgemstones is the emerald
For Venus, the gemstones is diamond
For Mars, the red coral gemstones
By Jove, the gemgemstones is Yellow Sapphire
For Saturn, the gem is Blue Sapphire

Astrology gemstones are mostly located in jewelry such as rings and pendants. It is necessary that they touch the sin of the person so they can produce their therapeutic effects on the best way. Before wearing these gemstoness astrology, there is a proper procedure to follow. First, they must be washed in holy water and the type of gemstones are the others that followed.

Not every single gemstones. They can have positive and negative attributes depending on the Charter birth of the person. Only experts can tell Jyotish gem right person. Based on the positions of the planets, astrology gems for each planet is as follows:

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