We sometimes forget our reasons to get organized once we realize it is a long-haul investment. Our reasons like “to make the house look better” quickly dissipate when all our efforts have brought us full circle back to the place we started three weeks ago. If we don’t understand the lasting motivators to get organized, we may become disheartened along our organizing journey.

Experience Peace of Mind

One of the immediate results of ordering your environment is peace of mind. When we invest the time, energy, and resources into restoring order to our space, a new clarity arises. When things are sensibly arranged, we can think straight and operate to our highest capacity.

Enjoy Harmony in the Home

We develop newfound pride in an organized environment, make lifestyle changes and begin to repair our relationships. When we reclaim order in our households, we actually begin to strengthen to personal boundaries, practice better self-management, and release our own potential.

Live an Example

When you make an investment in a lifestyle of order, you are investing not only in your own sanity but also in your children’s future. You are choosing to be proactive. You are setting an example of self-control and exercising wisdom.

Extend Hospitality

When you home is transformed from chaos to peace, you want to invite people inside! You want others to experience the long-awaited peace you now enjoy. After order is restored, your home feels like a sanctuary that you can open up to others.

Live Your Priorities

When you are constantly living out of step with your values because you are in survival mode, your lifestyle is not in congruence with your true priorities. When you restore order to your home, you slow down your frantic pace and come into sync with your own values.

You’ll gain innumerable benefits from your organizing journey.

First, you’ll finally begin to reclaim control. You’ll begin to experience relief as your household comes under your command and you become an empowered home manager and self-manager. The organizing process strengthens personal boundaries as you become more proactive with your time and less reactive to the circumstances of life.

This improved self-management not only feels good, it’s a wonderful skill to model and teach your family. An orderly, sane household is a wonderful training ground and gives you and your family a safe home base.

Second, your organizing process will include pruning back the overage and deadwood in your environment. As you eliminate extraneous belonging and commitments you’ll begin to live less wastefully and more mindfully.

Quite practically, when you are organized, you become a better steward of your environment, belongings, resources, time and finances. Looking to the needs of others, you can part with your excess and become a blessing at the same time!

Finally, restoring order to your home will allow you to breathe again as you begin to experience freedom from chaos. Peace will begin to descend on your home. When you are living with more order and clarity, you are more prepared to keep your commitments to yourself and to others, thereby fortifying your relationships.

You are more able to enjoy the gift of your relationships when you are thinking and living clearly.

Engaging in an authentic organizing process in your home, then, will actually begin to change you! It will set you free from the jail of disorder and release you into freedom.

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