Glass is one of the most fascinating and widely used materials in interior and exterior designing of commercial and residential spaces. In modern architectural designing, glass plays a vital role as it has multiple uses. Glass has the power to attract the people with its property of sleek and elegant design, transparency, cleanness and clearness.

For the installation of glass in a building of a house or office, two things must keep in mind:

- The durability of the glass, and
- Quality of glass fittings to be applied.

For durability of a glass, toughened glass and tempered glass are the best. These are the most solid glass, which provide adequate safety and give a sophisticated look to the space at the same time.

When it comes to the quality of glass fittings to be applied to glass, Ozone offers a wide range of Architectural Hardware Solution for all types of Glass Fittings. Products manufactured by Ozone follow international standards for quality, safety and finish.

How Glass Doors Work for Any Home or Office: Advantages of Glass

1. Access to Natural Light: In offices, poor lighting is a major issue nowadays. But installing glass in an office enables the easy access to natural light. Glass is the only way to get proper sunlight during working hours.

2. Modern Look: Glass gives a modern and beautiful touch to any building. The interior of a house or office can change the environment of the whole place which gives a positive outlook to the people. Glass gives an aesthetic value to a house with its sleek and beautiful structure.

3. Durability and Openness: Glass gives openness through the invisible space and when you choose a correct & quality glass for your place, it also confirms long-time life for these spaces. Toughened glass is the most durable glass and allows an easy maintenance.

4. Cost Effective: As the durability of the glass is long lasting, the problem of replacing them is not an issue. And through allowing sunlight they save the electricity bills as well. So, installing glass in any office or house is a one-time investment and the benefits keep occurring over a longer period.

Glass can be used in windows, sliding doors, shower enclosures, railings, etc.ofa building. Ozone offers a wide variety of Glass Door Fittings which includes: Sliding Door Hardware, Patch Fittings, Shower Room Fittings, Spider and Canopy Fittings, etc.

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