I am a true believer that going on trips is absolutely essential to the success of a relationship.

Why Going on Trips is Essential to the Success of a Relationship

It is on trips that you are able to ask each other meaningful questions! If your spouse or partner is the type that avoids talking, getting them into a car is a good way to initially get the conversation flowing.

Keeping an open and honest dialogue is the key to any successful relationship. Communication is key!

Well, what type of trips can you take?

One of the most important aspects of going on trips together is getting a chance to talk.

For this reason I think that road trips road trips are some of if not the best trips to consider taking.

One of the biggest factors is making sure you don't just turn the radio on full blast and really get a chance to talk to each other - what has been worrying you - what is concerning you - what is working in the relationship and what isn't.

It is a time for you to share your hopes and dreams of the future and where you see the relationship going.

Make sure you keep the conversation light-hearted too - it is important to get some important questions answered but it is also important to have fun too - after all, that is what drew you together in the first place!!!

Road trips are great because if the conversation is getting a little heated, you can always just make a stop and have some fun to lighten the mood.

Make the trip romantic!

One of the biggest mistakes is taking the kids or not making it a romantic focused destination. What you need to do here is make sure the trip is focused on just the two of you.

Whether you choose a log fire cabin or a 5 star hotel - make the trip focused on romance.

What we would suggest is picking a really cool, romantic and unique place with something a little special and out of the ordinary.

Is a Bavarian Town in the middle of the US or maybe a stunning waterfall or isolated beach - the key here is making sure you can really feel and reignite the romance between you.

Fun questions to ask?

The last thing I will cover is what to ask. I'm sure all the deep questions you have covered but what about the fun ones.

Here are some fun this or that questions you might like to save for the trip:
- Would you rather be stranded on a desert island or go to the moon?
- Would you rather a farm full of animals or 100 cats?
- Would you rather go to prison for a year or never see me again?
- Would you rather get corona virus or dengue fever?
- Would you rather go bald or have acne?
- Would you rather all boys or all girls?

So what do you think? Are going on trips the key to a successful relationship or are you better off staying at home? Let us know.

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