Because of the Great Danes size, we all think they are hard to deal. But actually, it is not right. They are one of the warmest and gentle dogs that you can see. After spending some time with them, you will fall in love with them. Now you will get nine reasons Why Great Danes are the best.

Great for apartment living

If you live in a small apartment, then Great is the perfect dog for you. Now you might think how can a giant dog live in a small apartment. Let me tell you they aren’t high energy dogs. So they don't require a big place to play. They can live in a smaller space.

Gentle giants

Great Dane looks bold. But that doesn't mean they are not gentle. The Great Danes are timid and tolerant dogs. So you will not have any problems with them. They are easy to socialize with other peoples. You can say the Great Danes are one of the most gentle dogs that you can see.


Great Danes are incredibly loyal dogs. They love to please their owners. They can go to any length to do it. They always follow positive disciplines. They are sensitive so they can get easily hurt. But you know, their loyalty has no boundaries. They love to get your attention and love.


You may think just because a Great Dane is a giant that means he eats a lot. But it is not. They eat less than other dogs. They only eat two bowls in a day. Sometimes they also eat whenever they feel hungry. Great Danes are low energy dogs. So they don't eat a lot of food.

Short hair

Great Danes has short hair. So you don't have to spend to much time on his grooming. You can mostly groom him in your house and once in a month to a professional groomer. They don't shed too much. So it will be easy for you to maintain their short coats.

The best snugglers

Great Danes can sit anywhere. For that, you can get them an indestructible great Dane bed. It doesn't need too much space. But they can sit there comfortably. They love to curl up in their bed. So you can say they are one of the calmest dogs that you can see.

They Love Children

Great Danes are friendly, sociable, and nonaggressive dogs. They love to meet new peoples. But mostly they love to play with kids. They forget about their size and starts to play with kids. But you need to make sure when they are playing with kids an elder should supervise them.

Smart and Trainable

Dogs like Great Danes are smart and trainable. They can easily make a bond with your family. If you give him proper training, then he can do anything. You can give them training fast as they can understand everything. You can give them professional training for hunting. You can get tents for dog owners and smoke-free fireplace grate. Because, you can stay in it if the hunting place is somewhere far from your home.

Fearless and brave

Great Danes are fearless and brave. Sometimes they can be stubborn. They have an outgoing and courageous personality. So by now, you must have known with this dog, you don't have to worry about your house security.

So now you must have known why Great Danes are the best. They have many good qualities that will inspire you to have one.

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