In the recent times, the construction sector is becoming much more advance. It has started the application of new techniques to provide protection and aesthetic appeal to the buildings and apartments. There is a huge list of various advancements in this industry and one such advancement is metal cladding which is constantly becoming popular. Metal cladding is a coating of metal powder or foils on top of other materials to provide extra durability and resistance.

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Due to its various features, metal cladding is becoming the first choice of Australian home owners. So, what are the features? Well, here is the list of advantages of metal cladding:

Metal Cladding Provides Great Durability

In comparison to concrete, metal cladding is more durable and provides excellent protection to the buildings. Due to the enormous strength, the metal cladding effectively protects the architectural designs from any external hazards.

In addition, the metal cladding does not promote the growth of bacteria and molds on its surface which increase the health of your home and does not increase the wear and tear of the buildings. Metal cladding does not expand and crack due to the changes in the temperature. Thus, the buildings remain safe and well-founded irrespective of the weather conditions.

Metal Cladding is Fire-Resistant

As of March 2020, the fires destroyed approx. 5,900 buildings in Australia. It explains the severity of the fire and its impact on the buildings. However, metal claddings are the perfect tool for stopping the spread of fire because, unlike the wooden claddings, metal claddings do not burn quickly or catch fire and this offers more time for the people to run from the apartment or building on fire.

Metal Cladding Requires Less Maintenance

Less maintenance is another significant advantage of metal cladding because, in wooden cladding, the homeowners have to apply the wood finish after every few years that does not last long.

On the other hand, metal cladding does not require any such upkeep and maintenance. It remains the same for many years to come without getting damaged which only saves you more money. The installation cist may be more but that is just 1 time and you do not spend more after installing the metal cladding in your building or apartment.

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Metal Cladding Provides Excellent Insulation

The metal cladding offers optimum insulation to the buildings as it keeps the buildings cool in summer and hot in winters. Metal cladding does not allow the heat to escape from the apartment helping in reduced electricity bills month after month without putting too much pressure on your budget.

Metal Cladding is Decorative

The metal cladding looks aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and attracts everyone’s attention at first glance. The shiny metallic finish of the cladding gives a modern and trendy look to the apartments. Metal cladding is versatile which allow you to use your imagination and install metal claddings to different portions of your home to provide a contrasting look. 

Metal cladding is Eco-friendly

Metal cladding plays a crucial role in decreasing the impact on the environment. These claddings are recyclable and highly sustainable. The metal scraps are reused to form the new metal claddings. This ensures there is zero wastage of the material. Also, the old metal cladding can be melted to produce new ones reducing the carbon footprint and it provides a better living environment to the species of planet earth.


Metal cladding excels in every field when compared to other construction materials. It is also cost-effective and lasts for several years. So, if you are confused about the types of claddings, choose metal cladding. You will not get disappointed with its features.

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