Have you ever thought why there is cancer related to blood, brain, bones, lungs and various other body parts besides the heart? Most of us have never heard about heart cancer or tumors and most of us simply assume that it maybe because the heart is the symbol of emotion and maybe it is something which is immune against diseases. However, it is not like that.

Heart cancer or heart tumor (rhabdomyosarcomas) are very much rarer. A normal tumor, which is known as sarcoma often originates from the soft tissue of the body while the rhabdomyosarcomas will occur in the muscle tissues of the heart. As per various researches and studies conducted approximately on 10,000 to 12,000 autopsies, it was found out that about 0.1% of the people had heart tumor and this amounts to about seven major cases with regard to cardiac tumor.

A detail analysis into this will show you that the most of the cancers that are there in the heart originate from other parts of the body. As per most of the scientist and doctors, they can be called as secondary tumor. So what is this so called cancer, how does it work? Our body is composed of astronomical kinds of cells and they are uncountable. Some may estimate that it is about 37.2 trillion. As we are healthy, our cells cooperate and work, sharing a lot of the work to be done by our body. So as each cell goes to their separate business, that involves dividing, growing, sharing, and ultimately dying; they do their work.

Cancer is the aberration of the cellular process. Cancer stars when the cells to grow and develop out of control. Now the major reason for this is due to the problematic DNA, genetic disorder that is present in each of the cells, etc. Normally, when a cell is in problem or suffers from any kind of issues, it would repair the damaged DNA or just dies. However, in the case of the cancer cell, it is a different story. The cancer cells don’t get repaired or even die. They go on multiplying and creating more abnormal cells which have damaged DNA.

In addition, there is another unusual characteristic of the cancer cells. They can grow, invade and destroy other tissues and cells of the body. A normal cell doesn’t have this function. A lot of scientist feel that heart cancer is less likely to affect a person as we get half of our genes from our fathers and other half from our mothers. Now this may somewhat say that our genetic fate is quite sealed and protected, but it is not something that can be termed as a truth. It can be surprising to some, that our environment affects by the genes and it is the one which decides which genes has to be active and which has to be inactive.

The carcinogens that are there in the food and the environment are the supreme factor for such kind of influence, making the genes active or inactive. For example, you may find many toxins on the tissues of the breast as there is a huge amount of fat present there.

A simple rule one has to keep in mind is that wherever there is fat, there would be toxins present there. Maybe that is the reason why the heart is an exceptional case. Since there are no fatty tissues present in the heart and as heart is situated in a closed membrane, that is why there is less chances for a person to get heart cancer.

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