Nestled in the north-western outskirts of Pune in Maharashtra, Hinjewadi is a leading employment pivot situated just 19 km from the city centre. It has also manifested itself as a residential precinct encompassing cosmic township projects because of the inundation of a number of multi-national companies making progress there.

It encloses the mammoth Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, a huge IT and Business Park sprawled out over 2,800 acres and developed by the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. The locality is comfortably stationed at Mumbai Highway (NH-48) and is closely linked to Wakad, Baner, Tathawade and Balewadi.

Why Choose Hinjewadi?
Hinjewadi’s upheaval began with the foundation laying of the IT zone in 1998. The Maharashtra Government’s IT/ITes policy reinforced the base of IT in the city. With the meteoric inundation of various business houses and multi-national companies in the area, Hinjewadi has become a hotbed of investment. Hinjewadi Real Estate is growing by leaps and bounds in recent years.

It is one of the most briskly developing localities not only in Maharashtra but also in the country. It is deemed as the economic hub of the state and as such it is the preferred destination of every Hinjewadi Real Estate agent.

Hinjewadi is not only an eminent business park and information technology hub but it also gloats over its many hotels, schools, shopping malls, hospitals and buildings which provide other civic amenities which has elevated the lifestyle of the residents living there. Places like the railway station and airport have placed it in an even more commanding position over many other places.

Lifestyle at Hinjewadi
Lifestyle is a manner of living by one’s own choice. Here in Hinjewadi education, entertainment, nature, sports prerequisites, healthcare, public services are some of the deciding factors around which life in Hinjewadi has bloomed and flowered. Hinjewadi Real Estate has developed like it has developed nowhere else. It is replete with huge shopping malls, gymnasiums, healthcare facilities like hospitals and laboratories, sports facilities, yoga and meditation centers, schools, dance institutions, nature trails and trekking facilities and many more facilities.

Jobs and Employment
The Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park has created a lot of job opportunities and generated employment o every level of humanity. To accommodate the information technology hub and the various business houses Hinjewadi Real Estate has grown to levels beyond imagination. Many housing complexes were built and it gave jobs to innumerable people both educated and uneducated. Schools have sprung up to cater to the educational demands of the Hinjewadi young generations. It is not only home to business houses and information technology hubs but it has also seen the rise of biotechnological firms there. It has become a hotspot for many people wanting to settle there.

Preferred Location
There has been a rise in demand for commercial and residential properties in Hinjewadi making it a dream location for real estate agents. The biggest demand is in the commercial sector. Several information technology giants have made a beeline for Hinjewadi. With this many more other facilities have come up to cater to the full nee4ds of the citizenry there. Big hotels, restaurants, bars, discos too have come up. With the development of such amenities it has become a preferred location for the younger generation. The more the younger generation decides to settle there, the bigger the boom in Hinjewadi Real Estate.

Connectivity is another major advantage in Hinjewadi. It is connected via the Pune Metro and app-based transport system which makes scope for even more development and rise in Hinjewadi Real Estate. The decision to invest in Hinjewadi by any real estate firms and sole agents is a crucial decision made today. It is also a wise decision by any human being.

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