Spiritual sensitives, such as myself, have many abilities that are deemed extraordinary, but there is one common, yet powerful, ability that every-day people possess that we are envious of – scepticism!

The ability to un-know the things that we do as spiritual sensitives would be a great relief, as, speaking from personal experience, many of the things that we experience have a tremendous impact on emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

People tend to stick to the rule of thumb “seeing is believing”, so it is safe to assume that anyone who firmly believes in the work that I do has seen, or experienced, some form of paranormal activity. This is a very serious subject, which, in my opinion, is an extremely difficult thing to face. The other side of life is not so much a dream as it is a nightmare. It can cause;
• Unanswered questions
• Uncertainty relating to emotions and state of mind
• Extreme stress
• Responsibility to handle things in a sensitive manner

Whenever I encounter a sceptic in my work, my response is that I wish that I too could have the luxury of not knowing the things that I do, as, though I am grateful for the gift I have had since I was very young, it can be a lot to bear.

An interesting question that I am asked frequently, as well as wondering myself, is “what turns a sceptic into a believer?”

Humans can be very stubborn, and will refuse to believe in something until they have experienced it first hand– whether it be;
• The healing effects of meditation
• The authenticity of clairsentience
• The power of hypnotism

As I stated earlier, “Seeing is believing”. You cannot simply will somebody to believe in the same things as you, and when it comes to the work that I do, I think it is inconsiderate and possibly harmful to try and do so. Personally, I would never attempt to change a sceptic’s mind just to validate my own beliefs or work, as I have pointed out, I believe that those are the lucky ones, those who haven’t seen the other side of life or had to deal with the stresses of it.

It can be very alarming and difficult for a sceptic to be faced with something that they cannot explain, but it’s not all bad, it can be enlightening and educational for a person’s spirit. It all depends on the person in question.

If we take a previous client of mine for example, it is shown how an experience regarding the other side of life can leave one feeling confused, searching for answers and a little distressed Bearing in mind that this case was quite light-hearted, if not a little humorous, since the client has accepted his experience after dealing with the surge of emotion it caused.

A young man, in his early 30’s decided to book an appointment with me, for a healing session. I asked him three times, in different contexts
1) to make sure he was comfortable with my methods
2) if he knew what I did
and on all three occasions he replied “Yes.” Seeming slightly irritated and clearly wanting me to ‘get on with it’.
Keeping in mind that this man was a firm non-believer, and an atheist. After beginning the session, to his surprise, he felt energy flow throughout his being, without me even placing my hands close to him.
When he got up he was dumbfounded. He sat in complete silence, staring blankly out of the window. Once he had collected his thoughts, he simply left.
After approximately one week, the man called to ask, “What that was all about?”

I explained to him the journey of the soul, and answered the many questions that he had about my line of work and my gift, not trying to turn him into a believer, but simply clearing up as much of his confusion as I could.

Whether you’re a believer or not - however you want to label it - the reality is, as I see it, is that we are purely soul and energy, each filled with many emotions.

If you have any questions you want answering about a previous experience, or if curiosity is pushing you to take a leap into the unknown, I can fulfil your desire for knowledge with a very relaxed, understanding approach that may still leave you sceptical, but satisfied with the information I can provide.
You can book an appointment with me by calling 07830 019513 or visiting my blog.


Author's Bio: 

Jas Bassi specialised in energy healing and spirit release, removal of negative thought forms and deal with people who have experienced or are experiencing paranormal activity.