I was out to lunch last week with a friend who was complaining that she gained 4 pounds because she stopped counting calories and therefore fell off the proverbial wagon. She’d been logging her food religiously, right up til Christmas, and then, as she put it, “All hell broke loose.”

One of the luxuries of never counting calories is that you’ll never hear me say “I fell off the wagon.” In fact, I haven’t said that in years. I used to say it all the time, and every time I did, there went another piece of my self esteem, adding to my already diminished feeling of self-worth. Not being able to follow a diet meant more failure and feelings of despair when it came to my body and weight loss.

I see so many women struggle with this concept. They’ve been so conditioned to believe that there is only one way to lose weight and it requires rigid meal plans and exercise routines befitting an Olympic athlete, and the truth is that’s so not true.

You’re not an athlete. Most of us aren’t, unless of course, you are. I actually have a few friends who are excellent athletes, having been so all of their lives, but they’re the exception. Your average woman isn’t inclined to run a 5-minute mile or ski the Alps, therefore the average woman is YOU.

When I talk to women who belabor their guilt over the fact that they’re not exercising enough, I tell them not to and go on to explain why. For many women, their bodies have taken a beating from all the stress in their lives between work, kids, and housekeeping that they don’t have the physical strength to work out, in which case I wouldn’t even recommend it. You have to rebuild your body before you can take on strenuous exercise.

Another reason is because, simply put, we’re women. By our very nature, we’re not hardwired to want to kick ass, ours or anyone else’s. Feminine energy likes to be nurtured, pampered, and loved on, not kicked, forced, or shoved, and certainly not deprived of our favorite foods that so often happens when we cut calories. When we grow up in a militaristic environment like that, or work in one, it makes sense that it doesn’t feel right to us. We get completely thrown out of our element and wind up like hamsters in a cage, spinning our wheels, without ever understanding why.

I see it happening all the time. I can barely get through a conversation with a woman who doesn’t break down into tears when she talks about how stressed out she is, or how overwhelmed she is, and how hopeless she feels. To add to it, she condemns herself for not eating right and not exercising enough. The way I see it is she’s suffering from what I call Superwoman Syndrome, trying to do it all and in reality, no one can do it all! To make matters worse, she piles on more guilt at the mere thought of spending money on herself to get what she needs to get better.

When you let yourself slow down and relax, magic happens. Literally. Your body starts to respond in ways you’re not used to and it’s much easier to tune in to what its craving. One of the most common and most pervasive misconceptions out there is that you don’t know enough about your own body to know what it wants or needs, but the truth is you know more than anyone. You’ve just been told otherwise long enough that now it’s part of your belief system.

It’s never too late to recapture your mind body connection and relinquish your reliance on outdated beliefs, especially those related to weight loss. I never count calories, therefore, I never fall off the wagon. I never push myself at the gym in any way that I don’t want to, if I even feel like working out at all. If I happen to wake up one morning and decide I don’t want to work out, I don’t. If I want to do yoga or go for a walk instead, I do. I never use the words “cheat, good, or bad,” when I talk about food and I dance naked in front of my mirror often because I love my body no matter what anyone else thinks of it.

And I’m not fat.

When I try on clothes, I don’t admonish myself because I have a belly. When I see my reflection, I don’t hate it. If I decide to eat a sweet treat, I don’t tell myself it’s going to make me fat. And you shouldn’t either.

If you never diet, you’ll never fall off the wagon and you won’t need to get back on, because it’ll just keep passing you by. Less than 1% of the population loses weight permanently by depriving themselves and those that do always report they had a significant life change that enabled them to just naturally let go of food and behaviors that weren’t serving them, so it didn’t even feel like they were deprived.

That’s how I did it. If you’re ready for the same way to naturally release excess weight, then let’s work together so I can show you how. Get started by registering for my FREE CALL January 11th here –> How to Make 2012 Your Year to Lose BIG and Gain Calm, Confidence and Clarity!

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Angela is a Weight Loss & Wellness Coach dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs get their message out to thousands and feel confident stepping on to a bigger stage.

After founding Wellness With Angela in 2009, she quickly rose to the top of her game becoming a highly sought after speaker and 1:1 nutrition coach. In 2010, she was featured as a guest expert on Lifetime TV and later that year created her 1st signature system, Crack the Code on Sugar Cravings: 4 Simple Strategies to Slim Down, Shape Up and Regain Control in Less Than 30 Days!™ that offers step-by-step instructions on how to eliminate refined sugar from your diet without feeling deprived, thereby reducing your risk of developing long term diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and cancer.