Medical tourism in India is flourishing with every passing decade. Earlier, most of the popular destinations for medical tourists were among the developed nations like U.S. and U.K., but today, we have seen medical tourism from these very same developed nations drifting towards Asia most importantly, India. This can be due to a number of reasons like lower cost and same advanced techniques and results.

It is estimated that on average, around two hundred thousand medical tourists visit India every year. Some of the reasons for this flocking change are:

1) Low-cost treatments
Procedures in India cost around 50% of what they would cost in the west, including the travelling charges. Some surgeries are as low as 10% of the amount that would cost to perform the same procedure in a developed nation.
Even with the lower price, Indian doctors are highly experienced to give there best and provide the same world-class results as provided by in foreign countries.

2) Getting a Medical visa is easier in India
The government of India has realized the importance of Medical Tourism in India and thus has taken many steps to give the best services. One of these services is an easier access to the Visa. Though, on a medical visa, only two members are allowed with the patient.
The easier access medical visa ensures that the medical services are provided to the patient without delaying the treatment so that the patient can become healthy without ruining his or her condition more. This also ensures that every patient is able to reach a good treatment regardless of the availability of medical services in their region.

3) There is no long waiting
The Indian hospitals make it their mission to provide the best treatment as soon as possible. Moreover, they use latest and advanced technology to perform the procedure which helps in faster recovery for the patient. This is not only advantageous for the patient but also for the patients seeking treatment since it reduces the waiting time and a person is able to get treatment as soon as possible.

4) Use of advanced technology and world-class services
As already mentioned above, the Indian hospitals are equipped with the latest technology equipment and our highly experienced doctors use advanced technology to treat a patient. These methods ensure that there are minimal chances of complications after the surgery and also the patient recovers faster.

5) Various opportunities for travellers
Ignoring the fact that how weird it may sound, but a Medical Travel in India is not what attracts the medical tourists to the country. There are a number of medical tourists that come to India not for getting a health treatment but for cosmetic or other simple surgeries. India being a culturally rich country attracts a huge number of people to experience the beautiful wonders after recovering from the surgical procedure. Moreover, medical tourists are offered a number of other facilities over a regular tourist.

There are a number of surgeries that the medical tourists commonly seek when coming to India. These surgeries are practised under various departments like cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, allergy, chest, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, diabetes, gastroenterology, general surgery, geriatric care, liver, mental health, neonatology, nephrology and reproductive medications and procedures.

Looking through the statistics-
• The success rate of kidney transplants performed in India is around 95%.
• The success rate of annual liver transplants in India is 90%
• A number of successful cosmetic surgeries are performed every year that includes the cancer reconstruction oncology program.

After the surgery, the patients from different countries have also found to be seeking more natural ways of treatment like Ayurveda, naturopathy and yoga. Mostly, patients who go through joint replacement or spine surgeries take yoga in order to gain back movement and flexibility in the operated area. This also gives the doctor enough time to monitor their condition and make sure that their recovery is healthy.

Other than this, a large number of medical tourists visit India to get treated for various sports injuries as they are complex to be treated and have extremely higher prices in most of the western countries. In all, whatever may be the problem, the hospitals and doctors are efficient to treat them completely.

The flourishing of health tourism in India can be because of a number of reasons like lower treatment costs, easier access to medical visa, use of advanced technology, and various services provided by the government. These opportunities have made India an upcoming destination for medical tourists and it is estimated that by 2020 India will be among the top leading countries for medical treatments.

The patients seeking medical treatment in India are offered many advantages over many other countries. The highly experienced doctors make sure to perform every procedure with utter precision and using minimally invasive techniques available so as reduce the risks and complications that may arise after the surgery.

There are many medical service providers in India that take care of the travelling to the stay of the patient and his/her family so that they only focus on getting the treatment and not other pity necessities.

Moreover, almost every type of surgery is performed in India today. Whether it be cancer treatments, joint repair or replacement, reconstruction surgeries, cosmetic surgeries or any other general surgery, it is performed using world-class standards and successful outcomes.

Author's Bio: 

Rahul Tyagi is a freelance content writer & blogger based in the India and he has been in this writing profession for the last 4 years. I keep on writing health-related topics and publish it.