The task of medical billing is invariably a challenging one. The medical billing and coding service providers perform a great task of running the healthcare business smoothly and ensuring accurate reimbursement for the medical services performed. It is important to have a knowledgeable workforce who can seamlessly handle the medical billing and coding process. The healthcare industry is undergoing constant challenges and changes due to the pandemic. To keep up with this pace, most billing companies have started outsourcing medical coding and billing procedures to offshore medical billing companies. India is considered the favorite country to outsource medical billing for several reasons, including cost-effective billing services, challenges, and lack of skilled labor. Outsourcing medical billing to India has been the latest trend amid the pandemic for the following reasons.

Better Safety

Social distancing was the latest norm during the pandemic, and most people had to work from home. In this situation, having onsite coding and billing team has been the greatest challenge for the majority of the billing companies. Many billing organizations are worried about the safety of their staff. It is equally difficult to offer work from home opportunities to their staff with all the requirements, such as access to coding /billing software, high-speed internet connectivity, network connection, and a team who can track and monitor the work performed. The most comprehensive solution India adopted is outsourcing medical billing to offshore-based medical billing organizations during the pandemic. This has offered an offshore location to handle all the regular billing work quite effectively.

Introduction of New Codes 

Telemedicine has been in effect with the onset of novel coronavirus attacks, and it led to many modifications in the field of medical coding. India is introducing new codes regularly to facilitate effective treatment of the Covid-19 and bring efficiency to the telemedicine process. Most proficient coders make coding errors as they fail to analyze the dynamic challenges. India has maintained an offshore billing and coding team, trains them regularly, and keeps them updated with the latest changes. The billing team has all the necessary skill sets to handle the coding and billing process quite productively. Offshore medical billing companies help manage the whole billing process efficiently by staying up to date with the current billing regulations.

Low Labor Cost and Saving of Time

The low cost of labor is one of the main causes of outsourcing medical billing and coding processes to India. You benefit from quality work at a very competitive price by outsourcing medical billing to India. Studies have proved that offshore outsourcing lowers operational costs like location rental, administrative fee, power, utilities, infrastructure, training, etc. This will save your organization's costs. The latest trend is offshore outsourcing which is also an effective business model. India's human resources are valued for their dedication, smartness, and hard work. Billing companies in India are providing improvised and streamlined services, and this is why most of the billing companies in the US have begun outsourcing medical billing procedures to India to offer quality service at a competitive price to their end clients

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Dr Santosh Guptha, CEO – MEDESUN is a dynamic leader in Healthcare Information Management, an expert in the field of coding analysis, EM auditing, and ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-AM Coding with a career span of more than a decade. He was instrumental in developing various ICD-10 coding tools, guides and has authored various ICD-10 training programs, blockchain technology in healthcare etc. Dr.Santosh Guptha has extensive knowledge in all areas of HIPAA, privacy and security, and the application of HIPAA requirements in physician’s offices and facilities settings.