At present LED lights have become commonplace in industrial areas as well as in homes. There are several reasons for this and we will discuss them in the following lines.

  • The lifespan of an LED light

The longevity of LED lights is greater than the traditional lights. In industrial areas led post lights are absolutely necessary as they can undergo greater wear and tear. Additionally, since these lights have more operating hours they can suit nearly all industrial areas. If compared to the lifespan of metal or sodium vapour lights, these LED lights come really close. In fact, in certain circumstances, they are more powerful than incandescent lamps.

The LED bulbs incur low maintenance costs as compared to the traditional lights and they can continuously deliver outstanding performance in industrial areas. 

  • Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of LEDs is better compared to the traditional lights. These lights consume a low amount of power which can save electricity costs in the industrial areas. Additionally, the newer LED lights come in a variety of wattage and so the industrial owners will be able to choose the required bulb without facing hassles. 

  • LEDs are safer

Compared to the other traditional lights, the LEDs are safer. Other lightings produce a lot of heat which can be hazardous whereas the LEDs do not emit any heat. It has been seen that the traditional bulbs convert most of the energy to heat. Also, as mentioned above, the LEDs consume less power, and hence little or no heat is generated. 

  • Directional Emissions

When it comes to technology, the industrial LED lights emit light at 180 degrees whereas the traditional lights emit at 360 degrees around its source. Due to this, the costs for the latter are increased. It also means that the latter is inefficient compared to the former. The LED bulbs light up a specific area which means more light as compared to the whole which results in lower light intensity.

  • Available in several designs

The LED bulbs come in a variety of designs that can suit any industrial area. You can select from a wide range of shapes that are tailored to meet your needs and it is due to this reason that they have become so popular at present.

  • Dimming option

LEDs support a light dimming option. For this, however, specific hardware is required. On the other hand, traditional lights do not support the dimming option. So, if you have the technology available in the industrial area you can dim them to save power and push them to the maximum intensity again when required. This increases the lifespan of these bulbs. All of these are absent in traditional lights. So, the former as you can understand offer higher flexibility.

  • Environment friendly 

The LEDs are environment-friendly due to their low emissions and is hence considered as the industry standard. On the other hand, the traditional lights emit a lot of heat energy and contribute to carbon emission. For this reason, industries now prefer LED lights. 

Today the led post lights have become extremely popular due to the numerous features that we have discussed above and the traditional lights have somewhat become obsolete in the industries.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that provides industrial LED post lights that meet all the safety standards and are used in all the sectors worldwide.