Social media has certainly connected the global audience as never before. Today it is the best medium to share your thoughts or stay connected with people from around the world. Though there are hundreds of social media platforms available but only few of them have active users from around the world. The popularity of these platforms is so immense that even businesses have started to utilize their reach to target their potential clients.

Today we will be looking at factors that have made one such social media platform namely Instagram so influential that it has become an integral part of every corporate marketing campaign.

1. Number of active users: It is estimated that over 1 billion people use Instagram every month. Looking from business outreach perspective this number is huge and there are only few platforms that have reach to such humongous number of audience worldwide. This is one reason that every corporate strategy today emphasizes using Instagram as the most effective medium to reach to their target audience. Instagram is the best bet any marketing campaign can take advantage of.

2. Cost-Effectiveness: Budget plays a vital part in every marketing campaign and social media platform like Instagram is very cost-effective as compared to other traditional marketing mediums like TV and print media. Starting a campaign on instagram is very economical as compared to other platforms and this provides businesses an edge over their competitor. Beside this the cost-effectiveness of Instagram provides businesses save finances to utilize for other marketing initiatives.

3. User Engagement: Every marketing campaign is successful only when it reaches to the potential clients. In this regard Instagram is the best influencing platform present today. Instagram users follow business profiles or people they are interested in and when they see a similar product or service that they might need, they start following it instantly. This gives businesses the much needed potential lead which they can convert into a sale. User engagement rate of instagram is very high and thus give businesses an advantage to reach to their potential client and spread the word about their product and services. As per many reports the influencing rate of instagram makes it the perfect medium to engage users and make them aware of product launch or a new service.

4. Instagram Influencers: Influencers of social media can be termed as celebrities who have large following and fan base. Businesses can partner with Instagram influencers who can bring the company sales to a whole new level. The business can reach to unexplored demography and can increase return on investment. Influencers can spread the word about a product or service to millions of users with just few posts. This is one advantage of Instagram the businesses can take for their advantage.

Instagram is very effective when it comes to target potential clients. If your business instagram profile doesn’t have many followers then also you can buy instagram followers so that when the potential client visits your profile he/she can be convinced that there are many people like them who use your product or service.

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