It’s a good thing to hear about different governments agreeing on environmental protection. Despite differences in other aspects, they agree about the urgency of protecting the environment. It’s even better when it gets solidified through international treaties. Here’s why it matters. 

Countries don’t usually agree on anything

Governments will prioritize what's in their best interest. They will only sign an agreement if it benefits their countries. These leaders also worry about the political backlash of their decision. Bilateral agreements are pretty common since it's easy to reconcile the needs of two countries. However, placing hundreds of countries on the same table and making them agree on policies is never easy. Therefore, signing international agreements for environmental protection is a big deal.

There are consequences

Another reason why an international treaty matters is that it is binding. When these countries sign the treaty, they have to follow through. Otherwise, they will face the consequences. For instance, it needs to happen when there's a promise to reduce carbon footprint by 1% in 10 years. Then, there will be policy changes among the countries involved to reach the goal. 

Global efforts have a massive impact

There's nothing wrong with individual efforts to do something to protect the environment. If your family practices metal recycling or has a compost pit, these are excellent ideas. The problem is that they don't have a significant impact since only a few people are involved. When governments enact changes that everyone should follow, the effects are far greater. We can even reverse the current effects of global warming once these policies are enforced. 

It’s a step in the right direction

Again, it's never easy bringing different countries to the same table. Most agreements fall apart because of some details that not everyone can agree on. When many countries sign treaties on environmental protection, it shows that something can happen. It offers a faint sign of hope for treaties on other issues, including conflict resolution. It will take time, but it can happen. 

We don’t have enough time left

With environmental issues, time is running out. We need to do something now before it’s too late. Scientists say that we only have ten years to reverse the effects of climate change. Otherwise, we won’t even recognize the world as we know it now. We can still do something, but it requires massive steps. Signing these treaties will ensure more countries get involved. 

Encourage your government to take steps

While policy decisions happen on the top, your voice matters. Make sure your government officials hear your side. Let them realize that protecting the environment should be a priority. If not, consider efforts to replace them. We can’t afford to elect leaders who don’t even believe in climate change. Their presence will only derail the efforts to protect the environment. Instead, vote for leaders who know the urgency of the situation and will do whatever it takes to pursue these changes. They will feel inspired if they know that people like you support these steps.

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Marina Pal is a renowned author and social media enthusiast.