There are always investment opportunities, but it is clear that you have to know how to see them. Oftentimes most investors go easy and choose what is working well at the time and look no further. Many decide not to risk betting on new markets, especially if they do not know if 'the play' will turn out well or not. You can start your journey with Rooted Group. They are creating more and more opportunity for the Social Equity operators and the New Cannabis entrepreneurs is what we do. They provide services of Delivery Membership, Distribution and Branding, Cultivation Membership and also Government Consulting. Establishing new creative ways for people to enter this tough industry, and help you a lot in the whole process of establishing your cannabis business and saved them from a disappointing investment. 

We cannot all be visionaries and see the potential of a market in its infancy. But don't worry because if you didn't know how to see it, we are here to tell you that the cannabis industry can be a good opportunity to invest.

A couple of years ago, the marijuana industry began to show interesting data and, although there have been advances, declines and recoveries, it is clear that we are facing an investment opportunity that deserves our attention.

The medical marijuana industry will continue to grow in the same way as its consumption, as many believe that just as it is legal in some countries, it will end up being legalized for recreational use as well. Investors are keen on investing in the cannabis industry as there is enough potential if you are interested in starting a cannabis business, Get licensed and start your cannabis delivery business today.

In the opposite position are those who think that these companies will fail sooner or later since cannabis will not be legalized globally.

Today we can only tell you about its potential and if you are brave and can afford to risk a little capital, you are still happy to have made this decision. The 'green gold' some call definitely an investment opportunity you can not miss. And how can you invest in Cannabis?

We will talk about your options right away. But first, we are going to see the different types of marijuana that there are, which are: medicinal and recreational.

And we will also see which companies are in the cannabis sector.


Now that we have differentiated between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana we have to talk to you about the variety of companies that specialize in different products related to marijuana.

Within the sector, there are three categories:

  • Producers. These are those companies that are responsible for the cultivation, sale and distribution of cannabis to both consumers and companies. In the US and given the legal restrictions, they are not as popular. Although yes in Canada, where the retail sale of cannabis has been legal since October 2018.
  • Biotechnology. In this case, they are companies that are dedicated to product research and development. Sometimes they work with the cannabis plant and others with synthetic forms of some compounds present in it.
  • Providers. Within this sector are companies that neither grow nor develop marijuana or related products. These companies are the ones that provide, that is, those that provide the materials and tools necessary for growing the plant. For example soil and fertilizers, lighting systems, hydroponics ...

These are the types of actions in the marijuana sector, among which you will find different companies to invest your money depending on what your interests are.


The marijuana industry has a lot of potentials and today you can invest in shares of publicly traded companies within the cannabis sector.

In Canada, where marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational use, there are some of the highest-rated companies on the market. In fact, here we recommend some interesting options for you to invest your money.

Although marijuana is not legal in Spain, and some Latin American countries such as Mexico or Argentina, that does not mean that you cannot participate in this industry. Through an online broker, you can find alternatives to invest in cannabis.

To invest in marijuana on the Internet you have two options: invest in the Canadian stock market from a foreign broker or try CFDs. With this alternative, you will save money in commissions, as they are usually very high.

In addition, Contracts for Difference will allow you to negotiate with the behaviour of the main cannabis companies, so you will not have to acquire the shares of the companies themselves. And the best, the operations are leveraged.

If you trade CFDs, you will only have to worry about the evolution of the prices of Canadian cannabis companies.

If you prefer to invest in indices, the best known and best valued in 2020 is the Cannabis Stock Index, which is made up of the 20 largest and most relevant companies in the cannabis sector. And, of course, the companies just mentioned are included.


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