Phone interpreter services act as a bridge between people who don’t speak the same language. For example, if you are French and you are talking to a Chinese you will need a Chinese translator while the other person will need French translation services. To bridge the gap, you can opt for a phone interpreter service that will translate the words immediately as the other person speaks. But all this will happen over the phone.

Industries that can benefit

Many industries can benefit from phone interpreter services. Some of them include:

• Medical
• Healthcare
• Technical support
• Finance
• Legal

From startups to international companies, any business can make the most of this service to improve their customer satisfaction.

Specific business situations requiring phone interpreter service

1. Sales Calls

Sales calls are an excellent example of how your business can benefit from this service. Suppose you are a US-based company planning to extend your business in Italy and Brazil, but you don’t have any salesperson who speaks Brazilian or Italian. Hiring an interpreter and sending them with a salesperson to these two countries will be expensive. So, as an alternative, you can hire a phone interpreter who will interpret your words into Brazilian and Italian to make the sales call successful.

2. Global customer support centers

Let’s say your company is already doing business in several countries and you already covered the major languages that your target audience speaks. For example, there is already a support staff who can speak Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and English. But what about the customers who don’t speak these languages? You can’t ignore them. But hiring another translator for such a small group of customers will be expensive. Instead, you can opt for a phone interpreter service where the interpreter will listen to the customer and translate their query into your native language and convey your message to them in their language.

3. Emergencies

There are many business situations where flexibility is essential. For example, if you need to address a billing issue with a customer who speaks a different language, a full-time translator may be a bit too much. A phone interpreter will do the job, helping you save money in the process.

How does a phone interpreter service work?

Using phone interpreter services is simple. Many online websites offer this service where you can register with your company details. Once your account creation is successful, you can search for the language you want to translate to. For example, if you want English to Italian, you can search for Italian and English. Once you confirm the payment, you will receive a pin code and a toll-free number. Both these numbers are exclusively for you.

When you want to use the interpreter service, you can call on that toll-free number and enter the pin code. Soon, a professional interpreter will be on the other line, and you can proceed with the conversation with the Italian person.

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