Two kinds of people invest in real estate. The first type is the home buyers, looking for house where they can enjoy with their family and lead a sophisticated life and the investors fall in the second category. Investors are people who just invest in real estate to make money. Whatever may be the reason there are a few fundamentals of investment that one must follow to ensure that their money is safe.

1. Real estate investment is considered to be one of the biggest transaction and you don’t have to be an expert to achieve satisfactory return. All that you need to have is a clear plan in place which includes a proper budget, keeping all the limitations in mind, time, and patience.

2. Spend time in research and select asset after focusing on its future productivity. For example in Singapore demand of condo is more than private property. If the property that you select is one like the North Park Residences Singapore which provides seamless connectivity and has all the amenities then its value will grow in future because of increasing demand.

3. Understand the difference between investing with hopes for future and investing for productivity. When you invest with hopes you buy any property that you like but when you think about productivity you will spend time in thinking what makes the project special and what will be the benefit of investing in it.

4. Property investment is not like stock where you can study daily fluctuation and then invest. You can time the market but always select property after research.

Now, you must be thinking when out of so many places why do I invest in Singapore? Real estate in Singapore attracts both local and foreign buyers because of the following reasons:

1. Singapore has a fast growing economy which means having a house in the city will open more opportunities for you in terms of career growth.
2. The city has a clear ownership law for foreign buyers and this is the reason they prefer investing in Singapore.

3. There are certain restrictions on foreigners when it comes to investing in landed properties but they can buy condos and apartments. No restriction means both local and foreigners can buy house both old and new launch condominium Yishun.
4. Property rights are more secured in Singapore.
5. There is no currency control or any tax on capital gains. Tax is not even applied on foreign earned income and this makes property investment easy for foreign buyers.
6. There is no withholding tax in Singapore when you resale the property.
7. Many banks in Singapore provide loan for buying property and loan quantum here is up to 70% of the purchase price and this makes investment easier for buyers with limited fund.
8. Foreigners can also apply for loan in Singapore dollar.
9. Interest against the loan amount is also low when compared to other places. Since the interest is low, paying installments will be easy.
10. Since the demand for property is very high you can let it out on rent.

Author's Bio: 

Maryann Wilson is a real estate consultant who has writen too many articles on Singapore real estate projects from last few years. Here she discuss about the new launch North Park Residences Singapore .