As much as “living in the present”, “seizing the day”, sounds like the right way to live, there is always going to be a future. It’s true to live in the present which means you work on your every day to have a better future. And investments are the most pronounced path to a secured future.

The myths surrounding investments often holds us back. The thing is in India everybody talks about getting that 6-digit salary but nobody talks about what to do with it. After all, it’s your hard earned money and it requires a lot more than just reckless spending.

Picture this, you see investments as that black hole where all your money is getting sucked in and lost into nothingness with absolutely no returns.

Let’s try to change that.

All that money lying in your bank stays the way it is. What if it could grow? Imagine getting more than you put in! Like planting a seed. First, you see if the soil is fertile enough. That is your first smart choice, which soil to plant your seed in. Then day after day, you look after it and water it. Add a little bit of patience, this seed turns into a beautiful plant and with more time and patience it grows into a tree. That’s is how investing works.

Not so bad after all?.

So what are the soils available for your precious seed? Options of investing in India are various. Here are some popular investing options:


Mutual funds investment in India is all about investing your money into a pool with other investors and a fund manager invests in your behalf. Your money is invested in various industries like power, oil, real estate etc. If you are looking for a long term generation of wealth, it is one of the best decisions to earn high returns while avoiding tax payments. But how do you find the best mutual funds in India? Best meaning not which gives high returns but which best matches your portfolio. Best performing mutual funds can be deduced by checking the performance ranking, total expense ratio, and portfolio diversification.


Buying stocks in a company entitles you to the ownership of that company. Before you invest in stocks, you need to look into few components of the company you are investing in like their earnings, sales, debt, and equity. Once you are past the research, you can select your champion. Even if you are only interested in making small investments, in the stock market you can invest in any amount (from small to huge cap stocks) by creating a balanced portfolio.


Fixed deposit is probably the safest and most guaranteed form of investment in India. If you are not much of a risk taker and want to play it safe, FD is the best option for you. You can approach any bank where your money is locked-in for a period of certain years with interest rate changing according to the economic fluctuations.

The other investment options are- national pension system, provident funds, gold, real estate et al.
Of course, there are risks but the early you start the better are your chances of getting your game strong. Remember, don’t be afraid to invest but be wise. Pick the investment which matches your portfolio. Choose the right soil for your seed and watch it bear delicious fruits.

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