A logo is one of the most important elements of a company's image and corporate identity, but many entrepreneurs overlook it. Its significance and make a huge mistake. Why? It's simple.

The secret of a successful logo

Are you starting a business or planning to redesign an existing brand? An important part of this process is designing an attractive logo that will visually represent you in the long term. How to approach logo design, what to look for, and why should you invite a Logo Designer in Melbourne or an agency to help?

The logo is the absolute foundation of brand visualization. This is an important part of a company's advertising style and can be identified by all the visual elements of a brand. It allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and create the minds of your customers, business partners, and the public with a label for your brand, product category, or specific feeling.

The importance of the logo is undeniable, because is part of the brand's visual presentation. And they are right. However, brand visibility is much more difficult and an experienced designer knows that logo alone is not enough. An emblem is the foundation of visual identity, which is a vast system of colors, fonts, and symbols that represent your brand on the outside.

Basic approach to the logo

At the most general level, logos can be divided into two groups. Typographic and pictogram. When creating a logo, it is important to consider not only its shape in the basic design, but also technical characteristics, limitations and usability.

Therefore, the role of the designer in the design process is to think about the different situations in which the logo will be used and adapt it so that it always expresses the same idea and acts consistently.
The main tasks a designer faces when creating a logo include:

• decision on the type of logo
• color solution
• the decision about the used typography
• Consideration of the options for using the logo
• consider legibility and legibility
• taking into account trends in the category
• consideration of a competitive approach
• Typography.

The choice of font for your logo should be based on predefined meanings and branding. It should also affect the feeling you want to give the visitor after viewing it. The typography used greatly influences the final look of the logo, so you have to take care of it.

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