Is the year 2019 going to be the year when time travel-travel comes to life and advertising will now be in more complex networks? Marketing automation is defined as a software that helps automate dull and boring tasks that happens most of the time in the course of a business and is usually manually operated. An example is a continuing transactional communication delivered to a customer after every purchase. This allows the business to be empowered as it empowers brands to gather and analyse data and run targeted audience with effective communication personalized and highly relevant.

High ticket sales funnel for your digital marketing automation

Marketing is strongly driven by data and technology and is now more evident in the marketing automation field. Not only is has enabled marketers to do some cool stuff, but it also moved beyond the simplest form of marketing automation by emails and other B2B marketings.

The Marketing Automation Evolution

Businesses are now slowly unfolding with the basic fact that consumers are also evolving with their easy access to channels and online information through network communication.

Product advertising are now rampant and continuously expecting to emerge and win loyal and existing customers.

Marketing technology helps you save money and save time as it scales your business and raises your ROI more effectively. According to recent research, there are 44% of marketing professionals who will incorporate automation marketing skill in 2020 and new staff will be reskilled in hiring in 2019.

This year, B2B marketers have gone and beyond the simplest form of marketing automation. It helps in sending welcome emails and autoresponders even when you are at rest. Email marketing automation shows evident success in the business field.

Marketing professionals utilize marketing automation as it brings more efficiency, cost reduction and enhanced customer experience. In this year 2019, embarking on automation journey for small and large business may seem challenging, but with the right amount of strategy, it is much easier than you think!

56% of marketer’s population think that the digital marketing industry is growing faster than other companies’ marketing technology

In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know about marketing automation and its importance in 2019.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence

You can’t just ignore that Artifical Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in the marketing automation and it has taken our world by storm. Almost 51% of marketing experts are already using AI, with more advancement in the next two years. AIs are the marketers that understand the great need of working smart and technology optimization, and it has come a long way to explore more stuff on their plate. AIs has indeed, become the artificial brain in marketing automation.

Chatbots are content creators. It’s an AI-powered PPC advertising, used for personalized website experience, advanced push notifications enhancing customer engagements determined to identify customer’s behavior through automated image recognition applied through the use of the artificial brain.

Automated Social Media Outreach

Did you notice that when you search for clothes on an e-commerce site and there will be ads relating to your searches when you log in to your Facebook account or even when you are just surfing the net? Social media has shown evident engagement with customers thru powerful channels marketing their product exploring the great opportunity.

Tools that allow you to schedule, manage and generate reports for social media engagements like Hubspot and Hootsuite allows auto publishing on Instagram. Optimizing the outreach of products and services is now made easy through filtering targeted audience with SocialDrift.

Content works is a content marketing tool that works like an agency built to understand your brand, tell a story and achieve your goals. It analyzes existing content marketing strategies through managing content marketing plans that won’t compromise your existing resources.

Voice Search

Voice searching is now becoming the next new messaging channel for messages thru marketing automation. Almost 32% of B2B marketers are already applying optimized voice-activated personal assistants. This trend is about to accelerate in 2019, and will likely to get a good effect in marketing automation.

Have you tried and listened to how your automated emails? The launching of Siri, Google and Alexa have seen its momentum swiftly. These interactive devices have risen this 2019. Voice search helps in multitasking and handling several other high-priority things that assist in organizing your resources. According to Gartner, by 2020 30% of web browsing will be screen-less. This trend will continue to unravel when we see better voice search technology.


Personalization is outdated and no longer special anymore. Customers ignore emails if the first name is used. With hyper-personalization, it gives up-to-date customer databased with obtained attributes. Hyper-personalization uses real-time data with relevance to the customer via contextual communication. There are nearly 9 out of 10 (88%) claims that their customers expect a more personalized experience. An approach where it enables you to connect with the ideal customer and prospect their connection with your brand. In 2019, these strategies would concentrate more on understanding what communication the customer wants to receive instead of what the business what to build.

Content is the center of the online world. Through marketing automation, you will have the ability to show more personalized content to your website visitors through automation tools. It lets you distribute relevant content on the basis of the IP address to the website visitors. This trend continues to emerge in 2019 because marketing automation platforms continue to create a distribution of platforms and personalized content in an effortless and efficient manner.

Closing thoughts

In the marketing automation world, 2019 seems brighter and bring about new and advanced strategies. The perfect time to put solid marketing techniques in action is happening now. Marketing tool thus helps build in executing campaigns that engage target customers effectively and efficiently. Today, Marketing automation keeps more customers engaged and delivers an increase in ROI. The year 2019 is a year to focus on marketing automation trends as we can expect to see more in the marketing realm.

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