It is all because through all digital and social media, and through the publication of positive comments, evaluations about your company/product (and your happy customers) you will be able to attract new customers; and build a lasting relationship.

But be careful! It works both ways! Happy customers can help you, but dissatisfied customers can damage your business in a very massive and immediate way. Remember that information on networks is going faster, and it can become viral in less than 10 minutes. This is why as a business owner you must make sure you remember the following points very well:

Encourage participation through digital media

You can simply capture new customers through social media channels. In doing so, make sure you maintain proper segmentation in different customer groups; according to your interests. Later, you will be able to interact with them and encourage them to various actions.

The more, the better!
Never underestimate the great reach that digital marketing can bring. It is true that it is a great mistake to think that with just having a profile on Facebook or Twitter and having many “likes” or having many followers, this will already mean a resounding success for your company. But if you maintain a strategy of correct and continuous interaction with your followers you will build credibility and trust towards your brand.

Also, keep in mind that you should take full advantage of your website; It can bring you a lot of traffic at low cost (it's not FREE, but it's not exorbitantly expensive either). Have with you a professional team of programmers and web developers to keep your website with all the elements of measurement and monitoring so that you are optimized in search engines, and so you can keep your customers updated about everything that happens around your brand.

Keep in mind that this is not a child's play; you must group a professional who really knows responsibly inform your customers of your discounts and promotions; without getting to the point of becoming a spammer.

Keep one step ahead of your competitors
Each year, more and more companies give up on traditional advertising methods and focus on SEO, Google Adwords, and Social Media strategies; investing large amounts of money in these resources. This is the reason why the market is becoming more and more competitive and suddenly you realize that small companies that were not competitors before are making huge strides and they owe it a lot to digital marketing.

It is true that large companies have bulky budgets; But if you join very prepared professionals, there are many tools they can use. For example, schedule Google alerts to control your competitors. There are many tools that will allow you to track competing products and the digital marketing strategies they carry out; so you can get ahead and improve your own business strategy.

Go beyond the limits
It is important to understand that digital marketing does not only apply to your site. It is true that it is very important that you have your website, or your e-commerce store, a blog and that you invest in SEO and / or AdWords.

But remember that for your brand to really stand out from the crowd, you need real strategies and proper planning; where you should focus heavily on your potential customers first. And use all available tools to acquire them.

The reputation of your company first!
The good reputation of any business is essential. Without customer trust, a company will not survive. Especially in recent years, the importance of reputation has become increasingly noticeable.

If a company has a good reputation, customers will go directly through that company among so many that are in the market, remember that there is a lot of competition in the street. The positive reputation allows you to differentiate yourself with your products and / or services in a highly competitive market and thus be able to compete successfully against great players.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!