Renowned space scientists the world over are worried about the fact that why is planet earth getting less and less boons from interstellar space? In place of boons earth is obtaining more and more curses from space. Why is this so?

On taking serious note certain facts are unfolded which say that in present times various countries of the world are competing with each other neck and neck to get their foothold in interstellar space. Mankind by journeying to moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and other satellites has commenced interfering in interstellar space. In fact now there are plans to set up homes on the moon. Under such conditions speed breakers appear in the natural movements of various planets, stars etc. The result then is that various obstructions and distortions have to be faced by us all.

Apart from this with reference to various goals every year so many artificial geo satellites are sent in space. All these pierce the protective layer of earth before they enter interstellar space. This protective layer made from ozone is weakening on a regular footing because of such attacks by artificial satellites. In many regions of this ozone layer, holes have been noted as a result of which without any obstruction dire radiations from space are entering earth and thus varied type of upheavals manifest on planet earth. When the lone armor is weak but other armors are compact, somehow or the other major problems are averted and yet if all protective armors have holes definitely one needs to worry about it. Till now we had information of only the ozone layer as a protective armor of earth but space scientists tell us that surrounding our earth there are many other types of protective layers. These include radio waves, cosmic rays, Ionosphere, Stratosphere, Thermosphere and other such protective layers. During times when we interfere with workings of interstellar space these layers too either in a major or minor way gets destroyed. Apart from this we are also setting up speed breakers in the natural activities of Mother Nature which are responsible for binding planet earth to other stars, planets etc in the cosmos in a wholesome way. Statistics tell us that till today so much rubbish have been sent into interstellar space in the form of broken parts of hundreds of geo satellites launched in space that it would amount to tons of it. Day after day this dirt is gathering there which are obstructing various flows of the cosmos. In these days amongst various causes of malefic influences from interstellar space, the chief cause is that it has been rendered a storehouse of rubbish akin to that collected by the municipality.

When a snake dwells in a borough it is secure. Rats and other animals living in cages too are secure. This holds true also for world humans. His security lies in living well within the protective layers of earth without in any way transgressing it. In the name of space research he must not make unwanted labor to cross it else for all world creatures chiefly mankind it will prove to be a situation of life and death. Via research conducted time and again this data has been placed in front of us that in these days the step taken by mankind ultimately shall prove to be suicidal because when situations of yore are compared with contemporary ones in various arenas of life, it has been found that a vast difference akin to sky and earth emerges. In today’s times since the protective layers of earth have been pierced, world situations have become that much bitter.

Those who have researched into inter planetary conditions and movements with a subtle eye opine that in the past few decades imbalance has increased so much that in the form of its reaction the sun, moon and earth’s nature are acting opposing. Giving us its reason astronomers tell us that every unit of this gigantic cosmos indirectly is bound to each other. To the extent that movements always influence each other. Hence even if visibly no undesirable action is executed yet invisibly we are carrying out such tasks which in the future shall reap horrific results.

Everyone knows the law of action and reaction. When someone is poked at without any need its reaction is always bad. When animals like lion, bear, apes etc are poked they get angry and try to attack that person. Poisonous snakes when poked instead of merely hissing they kill that person by biting him/her. Regarding interstellar space our present activities too are of this stature as a result of which we have to endure their dire results.

Take for example the moon. Since it is close to earth it works akin to a communication satellite by sending to us the rays of stars blinking in space. The weather on earth is dependent to a great extent on this balance. Even a minor obstruction can lead to earthquakes, volcanoes, explosions, flooding, famine and other destructive changes. Quite a few years back in 1930 the chief cause of a widespread famine in USA was the imbalanced activities of the moon. On the basis of his research studies William Campbell of Scott Air Force Base declared that the reason why a few years back India faced famine was imbalance noted in interplanetary activities. According to leading scientists when the 500 year record of moon’s speed cycle was studied the mysteries of as to why again and again various countries are attacked by natural calamities was unveiled. They opined that after these studies it was realized that why North China faces flooding and famine time and again. Natural calamities attacking Japan and South America too are the result of interplanetary imbalances.

Thousands of years previously Indian thinkers and philosophers had mentioned interplanetary relationships along with their influences and had proclaimed that we all are undoubtedly influenced by planets, stars etc. On this basis they helped evolved the Science of Astrology so that in order to accrue special benefits from planets in ample measure special and apt hours to do so are unearthed. Only on the basis of its mathematical calculation and truth of its results it got a scientific stature and it was now accepted as an independent branch of science. As a result not only the credibility of this science got proved but that also undoubtedly the truth of interplanetary influences and results got proved. At that time Astrology Sciences were rendered advanced so that one can benefit from the boons of various planets in space and yet since we are tampering with the natural activities of interstellar space flows the situation is no longer as it used to be in days of yore. The reason being that now its mathematical calculation and prophecies are proving to be wrong and the malefic effects of planets etc are on the rise. Yet it is not as though that planets etc have totally stopped giving us their boons. The sun even now by attracting heat and brilliance from the Super Sun gives its aura and energy to earth and other planets. In the same way the moon gives all its cool serenity. Ere the earth was not getting its serenity all water on earth would have been burnt and vaporized.

All these are boons given to earth denizens by various planets etc which shall be attained in future too. The only condition is that we must be grateful for all this and not tamper with interstellar activities else these planets which are akin to a Goddess full of love and affection that gives us gifts can also take the role of a wrathful Goddess Kali akin to a venomous hissing ferocious serpent. If this were to happen none must be surprised. It is hence that we first take care of our planet earth, not tamper with interstellar space activities only then shall we succeed in accruing their beneficial gifts.

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