A child’s eye at a young age is always sensitive. Parents take utmost care in ensuring their child’s health and well-being. They often end up visiting pediatricians for the slightest traces of illness. But when it comes to vision-related issues they are often overlooked until things get out of hand. Parents should take their child to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai for regular check-ups to ensure there are no vision problems. A child cannot possibly differentiate a vision problem without the help of an adult or a professional. Only through examination can a doctor evaluate the child’s vision and find out if there are any issues or no.
Eye issue in children
More than often vision problems arise at an early age. In children, the majority of the eye-related issues are hereditary. If the parents or grandparents wear glasses, it is likely that the kid may also end up with poor vision. Routine check-ups with the ophthalmologist in Mumbai will help in evaluating the eyesight and providing necessary treatment. Examining with an ophthalmologist will help detect issues like near-sightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hypermetropia), and even issues of squint eye. Some children even develop lazy eyes in the early stages of development. This is completely treatable. All of these issues are curable especially if detected at an early age. The best pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai can correct the eye with the right treatment using eye patches, corrective glasses, or even with surgery.
Signs to look-out for to consult an ophthalmologist near you
Children are too young to identify issues with their vision but they will definitely show symptoms that may highlight the fact of an underlying eye problem. Children often show a few symptoms when they struggle with vision-related problems. Here are some signs to look out for in case of eye issues-
• Red watery eyes.
• Constant tilting of the head when reading a book or watching TV screens
• Frequently rubbing of eyes
• Excessive blinking of eyes
• Shrinking of the eye while trying to concentrate on something
If you identify such symptoms in your child you should immediately take them to a pediatric ophthalmologist in Mumbai for consultation. Besides this, for premature babies, it is mandatory to consult an ophthalmologist to ensure their eye development is perfect. It is advisable that parents regularly take their children for a routine eye check-up to ensure good development of their vision and in case of an issue resolve it immediately without any delay. After all, prevention is better than cure. Take your child to the best eye doctor in Mumbai for their expertise in treating vision problems at an early stage.

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