Everyone wants to be a part of the rat race that leads them to fast money. And online games seem perfect to them to do so. Hence, games that promise real money lure them effortlessly.

Now, this is where the problem lies. For, not all online games are as authentic as they say. Even though they profess real money, they loot you for much more. In a desire to win, they induce you to repeat deposits.

However, fantasy cricket is a different genre altogether. It is the safest online game to earn money currently.

What is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an online game based around cricket. You do not play it as a player. Rather you pay to create a team and bet a small amount on your team’s performance. If your team wins, you win accordingly.

How Do You Play Fantasy Cricket?

You need to install a fantasy cricket app on your mobile to play it. And additionally, abide by the following rules.

  • You cannot play unless you create a cricket team.
  • Players in your team are real cricketers. However, the team is imaginary.
  • Unlike real cricket, here you have the freedom to choose 11 players from a list of 22.
  • Your team has a wicket-keeper, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders as well. Moreover, you also have to assign a captain and a vice-captain to your team.
  • Every player’s performance has points. And your rank goes up and down accordingly.
  • Your total points at the end of the game determine the winning amount.

How safe is Fantasy Cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a safe game to earn money online. The risk potential is low. Moreover, you tend to lose only a meager amount, even if you do. Since you only have to pay a small contest fee to play it.

Another thing to understand here is that fantasy cricket apps do not hoax you with any false promises. Here you win against your skill and intelligence.

Moreover, plentiful fantasy cricket tips aid you alongside.

Which is the Safest Fantasy Cricket App?

While there are several fantasy cricket apps

  1. Dream11
  2. PayTM first Games
  3. OneTo11
  4. BalleBazzi
  5. Real11

Download Now as you prefer. All apps are safe and secure. These apps are the best gaming apps that help you to earn money

These apps extend winnings to a greater percentage of users. This is comparatively higher than other apps.

The point system on all apps is liberal. Hence, winning becomes easier on it.

These apps also provide you with options for creating private contests. Here you can play with your friends.

Additionally, they serve you with consistent fantasy cricket tips, updates, and predictions. This helps you to make a strong team.

Lastly, they help you recover much more, even if you lose, with their referral income scheme. Instead of losing money on card games, be intelligent and earn real money with fantasy cricket.

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