Hatred explained
Hatred is nothing more than an emotion you experience when your subconscious mind wants to keep you away from something that might harm your well being.

Lets suppose that you had low ability to manage stress and that your job always forced you to work under stress, after some time your subconscious mind will realize that working on that job makes you stressed and because stress is not good for you the subconscious mind will think of a solution to reduce that stress.

Since you don’t have good stress management skills your subconscious mind won’t find a better solution other letting you hate the job itself!!

Suddenly you will find yourself hating the job without understanding why but if you dug deeper you will discover that you hate the stress you experience in your job and not the job itself!!

The same goes for everything else, we don’t hate jobs, things or people but we do hate the emotions that they make us experience.

A person might hate appointments because of the stress he feels while trying to be on time
A Girl might hate hanging out with friends because of the frustration she feels every time she tries to pick suitable clothes
A man might hate traveling because of the fear of staying away from his family

So after all hatred is not bad at all but its something that our minds use to protect us against certain threats.

So why do people hate you ?

If a relatively weak teen was bullied everyday by someone at school his subconscious mind will try to think of a method to prevent bullying and it won’t find any other option other letting him hate the bully.

There is an important thing I want you to notice in here, the subconscious mind uses hatred when it finds no other options to use! This means that if the teen was strong enough to prevent the bullying he wouldn’t have hated him.

This means that hatred is always a sign of weakness, we hate people when we find that we are helpless.

You might hate your boss because you don’t have any option but to hate him
You might hate a teacher because you can’t shout back at her

So one of the most important conclusions about hatred is that being hated doesn’t mean that you are a bad person but on the contrary it means that the person who hates you is weak.

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